New Generation Girl Groups: The Fashionistas

With the coming of new girl groups, fans see all different kinds of fashion from them. Whether it be trendy, preppy, or badass, fans see it all. Here are some

K-Pop in 2016: The year of the long-awaited comebacks

K-Pop has taken a very drastic turn in 2016. Fans have watched groups disband, debut, or make a comeback after several years. Some of the groups that waited to make

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The young boys of SM's SM Rookie program, a long with two new Chinese members, have entered the industry and debuted under NCT Dream with the single 'Chewing Gum'! Today, LeeTaeyongsWife

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Drama Review: Female Employees of a Game Company

Korean Name: 게임회사 여직원들 Genre: Slice of life, romantic comedy Channel: N/A Number of Episodes: 11 episodes Episode Length: 7 to 8 minutes Recommended For: Gamers or cosplayers, lovers of rom-coms and workplace drama NOT Recommended For: People looking

Thoughts So Far: Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto – Episode 1 & 2

Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto or A Girl and Three Sweethearts is a Japanese drama that is currently airing on Fuji TV. The drama was released on July 11 and stars