Oh! Press Talk: Seeking Western Validation in K-Pop

Every fan wants to know that their favorite group is doing well: that their music is selling, the members have name to face recognition, and their fandom is always growing.

Fandom Corner: The Nugu Girl Group Conundrum

  So you've probably been in a situation where someone has told you, "Hey! I wish my nugu fav was not as nugu as they are!" In fact, you may be

Music Reviews

Album Review: iKON – New Kids: Begin

Release Date: May 22, 2017 Tracklist: BLING BLING B-DAY Total Runtime: 00:07:34 Recommended for: iKON fans; anyone who likes hip-hop influenced styles; those who are acquainted with and like Big Bang's musical direction;

Drama Reviews

First Impressions – Ruler: Master of the Mask

The buzzed-about sageuk Ruler: Master of the Mask recently finished airing its first week of episodes - four in total, with the new placement of ads on SBS and MBC.

Movie Review: Duckweed (Ride the Wind, Break the Waves)

A journey through time, leads to the unravelling of a lifetime of tension, misunderstandings and hatred, between father and son.  As an addition to the many highly anticipated Chinese New