101 Guide: Becoming a Top Female Star

Whilst the northern half of the planet has gravitated to the inviting warmth of blossoms blooming to welcome the warmer months of spring, I await the days the individual leaves start changing colours.  With each passing season, a large number of dramas in fluctuate the already competitive market.  The term a fresh cast has become increasingly common, with many female stars being buried deep within the ocean that holds many of their peers.  It’s not often that a female star rises from the abyss that is B or C class to join her more successful female stars as an A-Lister.  After following and observing the trends over the course of the last decade, I have noticed a path to stardom that has worked for many of the A-List idol actresses of the current generation.

Step 1.  Acceptance

If you’re not naturally gifted with god’s miracle formula of ethereal beauty, you must come to terms with the easy route that cannot be taken.  And even if you believe you are the one in a million; a naturally mesmerising goddess, you must come to terms that in China there are possibly two thousand copies of you.  Of course, this is just a preliminary step, there’s nothing a large sum of money and a visit to a certain accredited individual can’t fix.

Step 2.  Determination

You must be determined to persevere in this environment.  Even if you’re granted a lead role upon début, it’s never smooth sailing, unless the person that has granted you the role is Zhang Yi Mou or Stephen Chow.  Make sure you accept all offers passed your way, building up a reputable filmography is essential in this industry.

Step 3.  Dating

Some will advise you against it, but the truth is you should.  You’re not a Korean or Japanese celebrity.  You don’t have to fear having your hair shaved off or having merchandise that can’t be sold.  You probably work with a few handsome individuals and with the scenario set for you, what better time to fall in love?  Shippers are your best friends, once you’ve gained them, they’ll follow you wholeheartedly.   Make sure to either admit you’re dating or get caught by the paparazzi.  Every opportunity to be in the media limelight is important and essential.

Step 4.  The Break Up

I know shippers are your best friends, but it’s only natural that when you’re both so busy continuously filming, there comes a day when you decide to part ways.  Just make sure that you have yet to obtain your break out role before the break up.  It’s not good to disappoint too many shippers.  It’s also best if the break up ends badly on his side.  Make him out to be the person that abandoned you.  The more public your break up, the better.  Once people take pity on you, you’re guaranteed to gain interest.

Step 5.  Timing

This is perhaps the most crucial step.  Remember how you need to break up before your break out role?  Well this break up must align with the release of several movies and dramas.  Once the limelight is on you, make people remember you exist, constantly.   This is a certified path to stardom.  However, if you’re lucky enough to get a break out role before you break up with your filming significant other, you do run into a few issues.  It’s optimal in this situation that you aren’t dating.  Instead this is when you should fall in love with the co-star of your breakout drama series or movie.  The filming crew has set the table for you, just take a bite.  If he’s just not your type, don’t fret, it’s just as long as your new date is found from a co-star of a successful movie or drama you have partaken in as the lead couple.

Step 6.  Milk

Milk every possible scenario you can.  Film several dramas and movies with your breakout role co-star.  3 to 6 is a great number, trust me they won’t get bored of you.  Plus, who doesn’t want to watch a drama or movie knowing their OTP with happily go home together at the end of the day?  Make the most of your situation.  But remember you can’t be forgotten, so keep those dramas and movies consistent.  The most essential part of retaining your position as an A-Lister is to be remembered.

Step 7.  Enjoy

Enjoy the wealth, prosperity, well wishes and fans that this journey has provided you.  This scenario works 99.9% of the time, within a decade period.  If it doesn’t, it’s obviously because luck was unfortunately not on your side.  You may have to consider a career switch, if you don’t rise to popularity within the allocated time for this route.  There requires a lot of perseverance to obtain this prestigious placement in the industry.  So remember an endurance to withstand this long 10 year journey is crucial to succeeding.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  And whilst a star may shoot to the sky in less time, millions of others also vanish within due time.  Maintaining interest is the key to becoming an A-Lister.

That is it for now.  As your fairy godmother, I greet my farewell.  Once you’ve seen the first snow cascade ten times in a lifetime, a new journey may open for you.  That day, I won’t be able to tell you what route to take, but my child, I believe you will choose the one that leads to happiness.  I shall continue watching on you dearly.

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