#1stYearWithGugudan : Gugudan’s Top 5 songs

Jellyfish Entertainment opened the door to a new generation when they decided to début their first ever girl group last year. Aiming to be known as “9 girls with 9 charms”, they named their unija hijas after a multiplication table, Gugudan. Ever since their début, Gugudan had shown us improvements and excellence and they never failed to show us their different sides. Now that Gugudan is celebrating their 2nd year, let us look back to the 5 songs which, in my opinion, are their best.

5. Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe Tomorrow is the fifth song in their début album “Act 1: The Little Mermaid”. Maybe Tomorrow is an emotional ballad that absolutely showcased the vocal prowess of their vocalists. Their main vocalists namely Sejeong, Haebin, and Soyee managed to prove everyone their main vocal title in this song. It is also a song wherein Gugudan showcased their amazing harmonies and blending of vocals.

4. Perhaps L0ve

Perhaps Love is a song released under CJ Entertainment & Music as part of the “Story of Some, One Month” project. The song is the first release of the said project and it definitely set the bar high enough for the other artists to follow. Perhaps Love is a fun slow pop song which is definitely full of colors. The chorus is extremely catchy and will definitely linger in your ears. Despite not being part of the main vocals nor the lead vocals, member Mimi was able to show her vocal talent through Perhaps Love. This song had everyone, including me, look forward to the future release of the project.

3. One Step Closer

From this point, I was actually debating with myself as to which song shall be 3rd, 2nd, and 1st because the top 3 songs are all perfect. It reached an ultimatum that made me choose One Step Closer as the 3rd. One Step Closer is a soft r&b song which is a first for Gugudan. It’s the 4th track for their sophomore album “Act 2: Narcissus”. It has a groovy rhythm and will definitely catch your ears. The lyrics are about the thrill and excitement of a new or first love. This song is really my cup of tea, to be honest. It has that “coffee shop” music’s relaxing and soothing feeling.

2. A Girl Like Me

Probably the group’s most popular song thus far, the #2 song is A Girl Like Me. As I call the “narcissistic bop of the decade”,  A Girl Like Me is the title track for their 2nd mini album, “Act 2: Narcissus”. It is a pop song that has a very catchy melody and hook. This song is a total 360 degree change from their lackluster début song. It managed to become an earworm but with powerful vocals and superb rap. The music video for “A Girl Like Me” reached 1 million views in less than 24 hours and peaked at #39 in the melOn chart. It even got nominated for 1st place not for only one but for two times! A Girl Like Me opened the door for Gugudan to be more known and gain more fans as well as popularity and success.

#1. Diary

Without a hint of doubts, Diary is indeed the best song of Gugudan. Diary is the 4th track in their début album “Act 1: The Little Mermaid”. It is a medium pop with a colorful melody line saturated by the rich emotions of Gugudan. The lyrics are about the girls’ longing for their lover as they write every day of waiting in their diaries. This is their best song for me because of every element that composes it. The vocals are just superb as usual, Haebin, Soyee, Sejeong, and Hyeyeon all got their chances to shine and grace with their distinct vocals. The choreography is simple but is elegant and classic. The overall aura is sweet and relaxing just like my description for “One Step Closer”. If I will ever describe Diary in just one word, that would be “flawless”.

But of course let’s not forget their début song which marked the first step of Gugudan into the music industry. Depicting a story of a girl who opens her eyes and ventures into a new world that perfectly describes themselves, Gugudan debuted with the colorful pop track, Wonderland.

Happy 1st anniversary to the 9 princesses of Gugudan! Let’s prosper and celebrate more successful years in the future. 1 2 3 4 Gugudan, break it!


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