20 Korean Songs For August

So August has been and gone and a number of you are facing down your returns to varying levels of school after the summer. Let’s take a moment to recognise some of the unmissable Korean tracks released in August!


As usual, I couldn’t even fit all my faves in, so if your fave is missing, don’t take it personally – just drop a comment sharing what you would have picked!

In no particular order:

20. Hyuna – Roll Deep: Hyuna continues her strong solo releases with the more rap heavy sound of Roll Deep.

19. Cheetah – My Number: I didn’t actually like this song on first listen, but it has grown on me so much I’ve been listening to it everyday.

18. Lee Michelle – I Can Sing: Lee Michelle made a lot of people happy with her return, she definitely has a very dedicated fanbase. Her vocals are, as ever, beautiful on this track.

17. Tiger JK (Feat. Yoon Mirae and Bizzy) – Blazing: This ode to a sports team, as ever with Tiger JK, delivers a good beat and catchy hook.

16. Simon Dominic – Simon Dominic: Who knew spelling your name could lead to rap gold?

15. B1A4 – Sweet girl: B1A4 are for me a very underrated act. Their Sweet Girl comeback seemed to drift under a lot of people’s radars pretty unfairly.

14. Jace – Not enough: Jace’s rap song courted controversy due to the nature of its lyrics about vacuous girls.

13. Jang Jane – Love me Do: One for the people who love the softer side of K-Pop here.

12. BEN – Lobby Loo: Don’t tell anyone, but this cutesy kid-show-esque display has won me over. I hate myself slightly for doing it.

11. Wonder Girls – I Feel You: The retro vibe album didn’t come without criticisms from people, but I personally loved the song and I was far from the only one. One of the few retro inspired songs I can actually imagine being released and successful in the decade it was inspired by.

10. Girls’ Generation – You Think: Along with Lion Heart, I really loved the more mature sound that Girls’ Generation are exhibiting these days.

9. Nop.K – Queen Cobra: What can I say, I am a sucker for eastern beats.

8. SG Wannabe – Love you: There is no denying SG Wannabe’s chart power

7. DinDin X TransFixion – Do it: An  OST one for you here from the soundtrack to Last. Some people assume soundtrack songs are always ballads and write them off but not all soundtrack songs are and there are some real gems in there!

6. SHINee – Married To The Music: SHINee impressed me again with Married To The Music, long may this continue. SHINee are a late 90’s pop throwback right now in nothing but a good way.

5. Stephanie – Prisoner: Stephanie finally came back and while some people seemed disappointed with her comeback, seemingly expecting more, I think she pitched this one perfectly cashing in on the retro vibe trend.

4. Hyorin, Paloalto and Zico – Dark Panda: I might not be Hyorin’s biggest cheerleader, but this rap song with a catchy hook is brilliant.

3. 2EYES – PIPPI: Nugu heroes 2EYES finally cameback with the very peppy PIPPI with a Pippi Longstocking concept.

2. Juniel – Sorry: Juniel’s Comeback was a surprise to many, but Sorry is soft and beautiful.

1. T-ara – So Crazy: I haven’t always been a big T-ara fan – their songs are hit or miss for me. This one is definitely a hit, I love it so much!


What was your favourite release over the past month?

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