20 Korean songs for July

So July is nearly done. I know – it doesn’t feel possible does it? To commemorate the end of the month and the beginning of the month to come, let’s take a look at a selection of 20 must-listen-to songs of the month.


July was a packed month so don’t be offended if your fave isn’t here. I had to make some tough decisions and tried to put a bit of everything in here! (Even some of my faves didn’t make  it!)


In no particular order:

20. Infinite – Bad:  The first one in my list which wouldn’t be on a personal list for July, but I can’t really ignore the hype this song produced when it was released. That lipstick, however, I am choosing to ignore….

19. IN&CHOO – Snapback: Either an ode to a type of a girl or a hat. Either way, it’s an undeniably catchy little jam.

18. Crush – Oasis: So I didn’t really like this one, but I can’t deny how well it fought to be noticed in the midst of the girl group scrum and it certainly conjures beach party mental images.

17. Hwang Chi Yeul and leeSA – Holding the End of This Night: I’m very much a fan of upbeat dance tracks so for this beautiful, soft track to be so ingrained in my mind speaks volumes for it. This is the song you’ll be slow dancing to at the end of the party and you know it!

16. Z.Hera – XOX: A completely unexpected one for me, this upbeat rap-pop track didn’t enter my radar really until it was released, but it has my butt wiggling in my chair even as I type this!

15. Big Bang – Sober: My favourite of the Big Bang ‘MADE’ offerings so far. I think this track is upbeat enough, whilst having a lovely melodic chill vibe perfect for summer!

14. Girl’s Day – Ring My Bell: Catchy song, just don’t offer them dumplings.

13. Wanna.B – Attention: I loved these girls’ debut and this comeback is the powerful K-Pop concept people keep saying they want! Show it some love!

12. Got7 – Just Right: K-Pop doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom and I think Got7’s dangerously catchy hook was ‘Just Right’…SeewhatIdidthere?!

11. Super Junior – Devil: So, yes it does sound a LOT like Happy. The video is amazing though!

10. G-Friend – Me Gustas Tu: ‘Controversy’ about following in SNSD’s footsteps aside, it looks like G-Friend are here to stay.

9. Beast – Yey: Beast join the ranks of groups going for a dance music sound this summer.

8. TVXQ – Rise As One: As sung by Max – another anthemic dance inspired piece!

7. 9 Muses – Hurt Locker: So, yeah, I am loving the dance music fusion tracks this month!

6. SNSD – Check: In my opinion a superior track to Party (I know so many of you loved Party, but it just didn’t do it for me!) and the girls look great!

5. Kim Jang Hoon – What Are You?: Something a bit different for a lot of you I am sure, but this trot/pop-punk track wouldn’t sound out of place in a lot of western collections and deserves some recognition.

4. Stellar – Vibrato: Love or hate their current marketing technique, this song is still a solid dance-based pop music romp. (19+ rated video)

3. Primary (Feat ChoA and Iron) – Don’t Be Shy: One of the many great additions to the reggae inspired ‘dirty beat’ tracks this summer.

2. Apink – Remember: I better get over my disappointment at this track because it has stormed to success this summer!

1. Tiger JK – I Know: This one took a listen or two to grow on me but I love it now. Reminds me a lot of the reggae inspired indie that was so popular in the UK in the 90’s.


Let us know in the comments below what you think the ‘must listen’ song of the month was!

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  • Holke

    I really love Stellar’s new song! I don’t think they ever disappoint. Their visuals are a little extreme, but it doesn’t take away from their talent or catchy songs.

    • Their visuals don’t bother me, the way the come off in interviews seems just a little whiny to me. If you are going to embrace visuals like this just do it, If not find another way.

      The song is amazing though and I’m well aware that not everyone has my short patience with people lol!

  • Burkhardt

    Check is the superior song, tbh
    Too bad that the releases this month were disappointing, only a few ones stood out for me.

    • Valyyn

      Kim Jang Hoon was a stand out surprise to me – never heard of him before, but I love this song and it has been on repeat for a while. The video’s quite cool too, although I’m not QUITE sure what’s going on in it!