20 Korean Songs For November

November marks the beginning of the holiday season for most, but we’re not quite to the Christmas jingles (thank goodness)! The month was packed full of song releases, so it was hard to choose. The following twenty songs are in no particular order, but I feel like they should all be given a listen.

(Preppy golfing Zico is a must-see!)

1. HIGH 4 – D.O.A. (Dead or Alive): This may be my favorite song of the month, but don’t quote me on that! I have a soft spot for HIGH4. I feel like they’re consistent in giving us noticeably different concepts, while still having their own unique flavor (which may be due to their distinct voices).

2. ROMEO – Target: You don’t hear a lot of talk about ROMEO, but their talents are solid. I personally love watching the choreography for this song. A+! Would watch again!

3. MyB – DDODDO: MyB is definitely one of the rookie girl groups that should be watched. Their stage presence is anything but run-of-the-mill. If you enjoy the song, I urge you to watch some of their live performances on YouTube!

4. Lee Hong Ki – Insensible: There are many things that are captivating about Lee Hong Ki, but his voice may be the most important. He shows versatility in his debut solo album, and the MV for the title track leaves me sobbing like a kid. Don’t judge me.

5. Nine Muses – Sleepless Night: Nine Muses brings us something different with each comeback, and they nail every concept like true veterans. I had this song in my head for days after it came out. It’s really catchy, and the girls ooze maturity (read: sexiness) in the MV.

6. Road Boyz – Show me Bang Bang: Another rookie boy group that is more than meets the eye! Although there isn’t much visual appeal in their MV, the real gem is the music, beginning with the title track. I think these boys will continue to deliver quality in the future.

7. Baek Yerin – Across The Universe: Baek Yerin is my favorite voice in JYP and her solo debut album’s title track, Across The Universe, showcases it perfectly. This may be my winter anthem. I cannot get enough of her album, and her MV is worth a watch! Go, go!

8. Zico ft. Babylon – Boys And Girls: While I wasn’t too fond of the blinding grill on Babylon, I think Zico showed us something different than what we’re used to. What did you think of the concept?

9. Younha – Thinking About You: Who doesn’t love Younha? That’s a rhetorical question. Younha is a long-standing vocalist who has shown a lot of different charms over the years, and she’s definitely shown her talent again with this track. Her voice is incredible. If you need ballads for the cold weather, add this song to your list.

10. MADTOWN – OMGT: MADTOWN does it again, delivering another strong upbeat track for us to jam to. I hope we don’t have to wait long for their next comeback. I’m crossing my fingers!

11. The Legend – NAIL: As my friend (and awesome Radioh! co-host) put it, “Everybody knows a Legend stan!” It’s true. They are the up-and-coming boy group that has recently debuted, and they have a steadily growing international following.

12. Seo In Young – Scream: If you tell me that a music video is going to be 19+ and I’m there in a heartbeat. If you tell me that the artist is Seo In Young and I’m practically dead on the floor! But really, Seo In Young’s voice is always killer in dance tracks.

13. Huh Gak – Along The Days: Another winter ballad that should not be missed. I can always enjoy Huh Gak.

14. EXID – Hot Pink: While some might say that this song is, dare I say, Up & Down Part 3… I think they have really found their niche, and are just running with it (as they should). The song is generally enjoyable and I can see myself bumping it in the car for a while.

15. RaNia – Demonstrate: RaNia came back with a BANG with Demonstrate! While the MV doesn’t include their newest member (and first African American KPOP idol), Alexandra, she is still active for their promotions. I’m hoping that this is the song that puts this girl group on the map!

16. K-MUCH – Tie My Hands: I hadn’t paid much attention to K-MUCH in the time that they’ve been around, but I was really impressed with this release. I will definitely keep my eye on them in the future.

17. Purfles – Bad Girl: Girl groups with strong vocals are in right now, but I think Purfles stands out amongst the others. While the MV is, in my opinion, lacking, I think this song is a perfect continuation to their steady stream of quality releases.

18. Beenzino – We Are Going To: What word could I use to describe this hip-hop song? Funky? It’s definitely Beenzino-esque. At any rate, it’s another slam dunk in my opinion.

19. Navi – Don’t Miss You: Navi is another soloist that many KPOP fans may not be aware of. She’s another veteran in the Korean music scene, and this song is a medium-tempo song that may be more well-received by those who like a little more beat with their vocals. I’ll ease you into the ballad life. Watch me!

20. Gavy NJ – hello: I know that I said that the HIGH4 song might be my favorite song of the month, but my uncertainty is why I used the word ‘might’! It’s very possible that this Gavy NJ song has stolen that spot in the past 10 minutes, and I’m not ashamed. This song is [EXPLETIVE DELETED] amazing! These women can really sing.


Were your favorite songs of the month on my list? Or maybe not? Let me know in the comments!

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