20 Korean Songs For September

So, September has been and gone and I hope those of you returning to school in September are doing OK. As those of us connected to education will well know, September can be a very busy month. Never fear, I got yo back!


Here are 20 Korean songs from September that I have picked out as ‘must listen to’ tracks. Whittling it down to 20 means I have to leave out tracks that even I love. If you disagree and think there is something that should DEFINITELY have been included, please share it in the comments with us all!

In no particular order:

20. FT Island – Puppy : I didn’t like this song on first listen, but it was pervasive and grew on me eventually!

19. Miwoo – Broken Doll: I honestly thought this would be a song I would be alone in liking, but, based on the internet’s response, this has the approval of a LOT of people. Miwoo has a lovely, ever-so-slightly haunting, voice.

18. Ikon – My Type: I actually wasn’t overly enamoured with this one, but Ikon fans certainly seemed pretty happy and it definitely made its impact on the month of September. If this was your first encounter with the phenomenon that is Ikon, you can check out Norikiyoo’s post on them!

17. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb: Red Velvet haven’t slowed down since their debut and fans were treated to upbeat fun with ‘Dumb  Dumb’. It’s a bit of a ‘love it or hate it’ song, but it was definitely relevant this month – even being reviewed by OneHallyu blog’s Arcticmoss!

16. Global Icon – Dolligo Dolligo: I know this track got a lot of hate, and it would seem a lot of people felt quite strongly about how much they disliked it, but I liked it and I think to get a picture of what September is like you should probably make your own opinion on it!

15. Jessi – Ssenunni: I know not everyone likes Jessi, but since seeing her on ‘Running Man’, I have a crazy soft spot for her and I love her rapping!

14. CN Blue – Cinderella: FNC’s stalwarts were really out to prove a point this month, with CN Blue also proving, to many at least, that they still got it with their newest track ‘Cinderella’.

13. Super Junior – Magic: Super Junior went for a ‘smooth’ sound this comeback. Decide for yourself if this was a hit or a miss!

12. Seventeen – Mansae: Seventeen seem determined to not be another footnote in boyband history with their latest comeback. They are even just beginning to chip away at me!

11. Monsta X – Rush: Another boyband who seem very determined and they definitely have a dedicated following.

10. Ace – 뮤직비디오: If you like dance songs, give these girls a try. Yes the video is low budget, so if big budget videos are what you love K-Pop for, then maybe this isn’t for you but damn I love the song.

9. Purfles – A Bad Thing: Rookie heavyweights Purfles continued to look like success would be in their grasp with a sensual comeback this time round!

8. Bigstar – Moonlight Sonata: I will give Bigstar this – their fans certainly know how to cause a fuss on twitter in ALL the right ways.

7. Verbal Jint and Sanchez – Favorite: It’s like they are channelling Prince and I ain’t complainin’.

6. Up10tion – Dangerous: They aren’t breaking any boundaries with this, but it’s a pretty darned solid release and nice and catchy.

5. Choi Ye Geun – Super Moon: I have been singing this song ALL month. If you only give one softer, less typical, pop song a chance this month, make it this one!

4. Jun Jin – Wow Wow Wow: You’re looking at me…. well ummm *Blushes*.

3. Junho – So Good: Junho isn’t ready to let go of the summer just yet…

2. Mamamoo – Girl Crush: Just Mamamoo doing what they do best really.

1. Park Kyung Feat. Park Boram – Ordinary Love: I will leave the blurb to this one in our very own Holke‘s hands: It’s true. I asked to write about this song, but it’s only because I really see it as the song of the season. It’s about finding a new love and Park Kyung shows us a cute side that is different than what he shows as part of Block B. His vocals fit perfectly with Park Boram and I got butterflies during the first verse because Kyung actually sings. Yes, folks, he’s also a pretty good vocalist. You’ll probably find yourself humming this through Fall.


What was your favourite release over the past month?

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