2015 Staff Picks – Choreography

Choreography is an important part of KPOP, so we couldn’t leave out our favorites from 2015!

GFRIEND – Me Gustas Tu

Holke | These girls have a light and cute image, but they pack some serious punch with their fierce choreography. They are so synchronized that it’s mesmerizing!

HaruI’m agreeing with Holke! GFRIEND’s Me Gustas Tu takes the spot as best choreography for me. Their outside image shows such innocent and cute girls but when they start dancing, it’s like I’m witnessing the second coming. (gfriend = godfriend???)

Infinite – Bad

krusty95 | These boys have great teamwork and are known for dancing in perfect sync. Whether it be the constant buckle holding, chest pumps, badass expressions or the epic solo dance break; Bad is Infinite at their finest.

Super Junior – Devil

TeruIt’s not complex or physically impressive by any means, in fact it’s quite simple, even goofy, but that’s why I like it so much. A fun song needs a fun routine to go with it, and this one fits the groove so well and is so memorable that I find it difficult to resist dancing along with them whenever I hear it.

lipslocked✿ | I definitely have to go with Teru with this. Super Junior Devil has a laid back type of choreography, which is fun and exciting to learn at the same time. The groovy moves makes one pump up easily and it’s definitely recommended to dance along whenever you hear this song!


WastaBTS are known for their hard hitting choreographies and Dope was no exception, proving to be their fastest and most difficult one yet. One of the funnest things about this choreography are the two different versions of the chorus (one with some rather intense crotch thrusting, mind you). The footwork is all around impressive and BTS’s synchronicity shows once again what fantastic dancers they are. If the dance covers on YouTube are any indication, Dope was a fan favorite for choreography and my top pick as well.


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