2015 Staff Picks – Comebacks

Now we’re at Day 3! The following are our choices for 2015 comebacks!

Wonder Girls – I Feel You

krusty95 | It has been a good year for JYPE. When their first girl group made a stunning comeback after three years, days couldn’t get any brighter. We saw a new-look Wonder Girls that still kept their signature retro sound. The four member line-up consisting of main vocalist Yeeun, sexy rapper Yubin, cutie pie Lim and comeback queen Sunmi reinvented themselves by playing instruments in tight swimsuits. They also self-composed a wonderful album that reflected how far they’ve grown musically. In Sunye and Sohee’s absence, the girls are definitely ready to continue the WG legacy.

EXO – Call Me Baby

Wasta | A lot of big names made comebacks in 2015, but as an Exo-L, Exo’s Call Me Baby was particularly special to me. It was Exo’s first comeback after two major setbacks in 2014: the departure of two members and a dating scandal. However, they proved their continued success with record breaking album Exodus and over 15 music show wins. The build up to their comeback was especially fun with the Pathcode teasers and fan theories that showcased Exo-L’s detective skills.

Stellar – Fool

Holke | Stellar isn’t typically known for their talents, but for their sexy image. However, when it comes to song quality, Stellar is 100%. Fool, like much of the girl group’s music, keeps you focused on the sheer vocal talents of the members.

9Muses – Sleepless Night

Haru | The 8 girls of 9 Muses came back in November with an addicting song. 9M teamed up with the Brave Brothers to produce the beautiful tune. Definitely recommend as this song has been hogging my replay lately, it’s so addicting!

Super Junior D&E – Growing Pains

lipslocked✿ | This song is highly underrated and imo, it’s one of the best releases of SM so far. Unlike their usual upbeat and funky songs, D&E returned with a slightly ballad but slow upbeat song which wasn’t well received by the general public. Eunhyuk’s rap was gold as I always feel like rapping along with him, feeling the power of a rap god, HA. If SM did a better job at promoting them as well as their songs, they would have received better public recognition.

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