2015 Staff Picks – Debuts

2015 is coming to a close, and as usual, there was a lot to keep up with! From new debuts to the crazy comeback battles, it was enough to make a person’s head spin. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and picked some must-check-out things from 2015 to make life a little easier.  That brings us to today’s must-see list, DEBUTS!


Wasta | Pledis’s newest boy group consisting of 13 members and three different units proved to be a formidable debut with their top notch vocals, rapping, and performance ability. With two solid mini albums under their belt and members that produce and choreograph for the group, they have the potential to make it big.

Monsta X

krusty95 | Starship Entertainment’s seven member group debuted with a earth-shaking track titled Trespass and released two smashing mini albums this year. The boys ooze with charisma, visuals and talent. With a great start to their music career through performing on the international stage, they are definitely in for a big 2016.


Eaze | With the conclusion of the variety show SIXTEEN, JYP Entertainment finally unveiled its third girl group after 5 years. Despite being rookies, their performances for their debut title track Like Ooh Ahh was overflowing with confidence and charm.   With incredible visuals and awesome variety skills, they have attracted a huge following in only a couple of months. 2016 will be an important year for them to show the world that they have what it takes to be the next big girl group of KPOP.


Holke | Block B’s first sub-unit debuted this year and the mini album, Zero For Conduct, was a gift from the universe. BASTARZ consists of P.O, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb, and they really bring the fire.


lipslocked✿ | DSP’s new girl group debuted with this bubbly & addictive song, Dream Candy, which instantly became my jam of the week. Even though Somin had left the group a few months after their debut, the remaining (adorable) girls came back stronger with ‘Muah’ & their Christmas special single ‘Snowman’. April definitely has a long way to go but I’m sure they would have a stable progress and become one of the top groups in future! Muah, muah muah <3


uknowdarya | The newest addition to YG Family, the long-awaited 7 member group, iKon kicked off their debut with the single, My Type. Within the space of September to December, they have released 3 digital singles, My Type, Apology and Anthem, plus a half album to be completed on December 24th. Each song complements their vocals and powerful raps, namely by Show Me The Money 3 contestant B.I and its winner, Bobby. Not to mention that their leader B.I and rapper Bobby now have the title of producers and lyricist under their belts. All their singles hit the Melon roof within an hour of release, running ahead of some of their seniors. It is no wonder that they have taken home the rookie awards this year with only 3 months of promotions.

Did you see your favorite debut on our list? Let us know in the comments!

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