2015 Staff Picks – Live Performances

Day 5 of our ‘Staff Picks’ list is our choices of live performances. There are tons of stages each year, but these should be added to your lengthy list of things to catch up on!

Park Hyo Shin – Wild Flower @ 15th Anniversary Tour

krusty95Many vocalists including Kyuhyun, Chen and Lee Haeri have covered Hyo Shin’s glorious ballad but it is the original that remains supreme. His vocal condition may not be as great as the start of his tour in late December 2014 but two months on, he still slayed. From the clarity of his low notes to the unforgettable and resonant climax, this performance brings a tear to the eye.

Kyuhyun – A Million Pieces @ M! Countdown

lipslocked✿ | He literally ate the CD. His voice was so soothing and lovely at the same time. However, he sounded a little hoarse at some performances due to lack of ample rest and his rigorous schedules back and forth. Nonetheless, Kyuhyun managed to wow me with this song and it is definitely a good song to listen to anytime.

BASTARZ – Zero For Conduct @ M! Countdown

Holke | This is the second time that I’ve tipped my hat to BASTARZ, but they really are a fun lineup for a Block B sub-unit. I especially enjoyed this performance because of the styling! U-Kwon and P.O. are wearing bathrobes. Yes, they are performing a banger with bathrobes on.




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