2015 Staff Picks – MV’s

We’re nearing closer to 2016 and we have another staff picks list for you to munch on! These are what we think are the must-see music videos of 2015!

SHINee – View

Holke | The members of SHINee get kidnapped and end up running a muck with their captors. It sounds strange, but it’s definitely worth the watch! The song is pretty awesome, too.

f(x) – 4 Walls

Wasta | Can you say aesthetic? SM has really been stepping outside the box (quite literally) for their latest music videos and 4 Walls was a wonderful mixture of stunny Jeju island scenery and a storyline that made me go, “Wait, what just happened?” It showcases each of the members struggling to change a timeline, almost as if you watch the story unfold once and then see it unravel as it goes backward to a beginning that was unlike the original. Regardless of how you interpret the plot, 4 Walls is a music video you’ll want to watch more than once.

OH MY GIRL – Closer

WUJU | What a different way to come back after their debut with ‘Cupid’. The M/V is set in the world of fairy tales, and showcases an ethereal atmosphere. Their costumes are superb and the set is extremely great. I liked the song as the mystical tune also played a part in what makes the video so magical.

Lee Hongki – Insensible

krusty95 | The voice of FT Island, Lee Hongki finally made his solo debut with a ballad. The MV for Insensible features his good gal pal, Park Shin Hye. They act like a couple that are having some issues with trust and illness. The chemistry sells the deal as the two takes us on an emotional rollercoaster throughout the MV. Drama Gods, please give Jeremy a shot with Shin Hye in 2016!

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