2015 Staff Picks – OST’s

OST’s are very important to the kdrama experience, so we made a few selections from the shows (and soundtracks) we loved from this year.

Tiger JK feat, Jinshil – Reset from Who Are You: School 2015

Wasta | The entire soundtrack to School 2015 was absolute gold but one song in particular stands out from the rest: Reset by Tiger JK featuring Jinshil. The perfect blend of rapping and Jinshil’s unique vocal color captured the desperation and determination of the characters in School 2015. This song hooks you in and doesn’t let go and I know I’ve found myself singing, “How ‘bout you? I’m all about you” a number of times without meaning to.

Dear Cloud – Remember from I Remember You

krusty95 | Dear Cloud’s Remember is one of the best ballads of the year. The female vocalist’s mature and slightly masculine tone fitted perfectly with the gut-wrenching scenes. The desperation and raw emotion conveyed in the song makes me want to re-live the drama all over again.

Ben – Palpitations from Producer

Holke | Ben is a queen when it comes to OST’s, and this was probably my favorite song from the drama series. You can just picture the “umbrella couple” when you hear this song, and it brings warm feelings, which may actually be due to Ben’s nice vocal tone and not Kim Soo Hyun and IU.


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