2015 Staff Picks – ‘Nugu’ / Underrated Groups

There are plenty of big names that you probably know pretty well, but do you know these groups? These are our choices of ‘nugu’ and underrated groups that were active this year!


krusty95 | NU’EST might be as nugu as they get but the almost forgotten group are taking Japan by a storm. This cute track is a preview to their movie that will released next year. The boys is still producing catchy songs that are worth a listen. Plus, Baekho’s voice is to die for.



Holke | MYNAME has been really busy in 2015, but they seemed to fly under the majority’s radar. Their discography is full of quality music, and the members can really perform!



lipslocked✿ | They have been releasing good quality music and their songs are really good jams. Unfortunately, their label fails to promote them more & they seem to be stuck at the dungeon, doing little album promotions. However, Fiestar seemed to have found a source of light brighten up their way as Cao Lu has been at the number one top search recently after guesting on Radio Star, which many people had found her to be hilarious and enjoyable. Also, Yezi had been participating on Unpretty Rapstar, which boosted her popularity and now, she is coming back with a solo. Hopefully, we are able to see Fiestar comeback soon!


Nine Muses

Wasta | These eight ladies have gone through a number of lineup changes but that didn’t stop them from producing absolute jams in 2015. The three title tracks they released this year, Drama, Hurt Locker, and Sleepless Night are all fantastic songs that showcase the members vocal and rapping abilities very nicely. I’m looking forward to more releases from Namyu and hope they can make a name for themselves soon.

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