2015 Staff Picks – Variety Shows

Check out our staff’s favorite variety shows of the year!

Sexy Brain: Problematic Men

Holke | You fit a bunch of intelligent men in a room and you’d think a snoozefest was about to happen, but that couldn’t be further than what this show has been! The hosts are six men, and they simply take on brain teasing tasks. This show packs a hilarious punch, and Park Kyung from Block B is in it, which attracted me to it automatically.

Infinite’s Showtime

krusty95 | The seven boys of Infinite have finally joined the Showtime family, marking their first variety show since early last year. The show so far has touched base on the concerns that the members have and are unknown to fans. It is nice to see Infinite bonding together on the show.


BBC, 24U, and OneHallyu's resident Park Kyung stan.

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