Times @Jae_Day6 proved he is Korea’s King of Twitter

There are lots of K-Pop artists that use social networking sites to reach and communicate, however, one particular artist is taking it to the next level and winning all over the internet. Yes boy! I’m talking about Kim Wonpil’s biggest fan, the king of hashtags, Day6’s guitarist, Jae!

Let’s look at the times when Chicken Little OWNED Twitter with 25 of his award-winning tweets.


1. When he made his grand Twitter comeback along with a beautiful selca:


2. And started a new era A.K.A: “Anti-Wonpil” era:


3. The time he represented every sane My Day encountering someone sent by Satan:


4. Remember the time he called Wonpil a rather peculiar name?


5. Or when he tried to promote something that doesn’t even exist?


6. When he won World War III with Kevin by posting this pic:


Don’t worry, he still proclaimed his lava.


7. His attempt to sanitize his fans:


8. He gives the best high school advice ever:


9. And represents everyone as a student:


10. When he obediently abided by the anti-Wonpil era:


11. He can dodge the forces of Satan:


12. And proclaim his infamous un-love for Wonpil:


13. When he defended the gorilla’s plastic pants:


14. Jae proved life ain’t better without bullying a Kim Wonpil:


15. He retweeted this rather symbolic and naughty tweet:


16. Remember when he exposed how Wonpil and Dowoon are affectionate to each other?


17. He actually became honest that he’s one of us:


18. And added a little bit of extra truth to Eric Nam’s advice:


19. When he exposed his youth to everyone:


20. Jae said one of the most disturbing and painful-to-imagine thoughts:


21. The moment Jimin clocked Jae so hard, even harder than a rock:


21. He has no qualms dissing their leader Sungjin in his new hairstyle:


22. When he actually hinted that he… uhm… wrecked himself:


23. And he shookt everyone by his magnificent graphic skills through Wonpil:


24. When he – *sigh* – did this to the poor maknae:


25. Or gave iHeartRadio a hard time:


26. When he tried to extend his un-affection for Wonpil to his wardrobe:


27. Or, when he approved of this atrocity:


28. When he called Wonpil something slimy:


29. Jae opened the doors to the world of fanfiction:

He easily regretted it.

And obviously doesn’t want to read any JaePil fan fiction anymore.


30. And the moment Jae spilled the truth tea on being a K-Pop icon:

and actually gave a life-changing advice.


Bonus! When he got exposed on his anti-Wonpil facade because he is truly Wonpil’s #1 fan!


Oh, Jae. Why’d you have to be this amazing?! All hail the king of Korean Twitter! All hail the president of Kim Wonpil fans club!

OneHallyuers, what do you think? What is your favorite Jae tweet? Don’t forget to hit them up below!

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