5 J-Pop Songs to Get You in the Halloween Mood


Halloween is probably one of the most popular holiday in Japan even though it arrived almost 10 years ago due to American pop culture. The holiday has become popular with young adults and celebrities as a costume party and club/concert event. With Halloween coming up around the corner, here’s a few J-pop songs to get you in the mood. There’s a lot of variety so I hope you find one that you’ll enjoy!

1. Momoiro Clover Z – Saraba Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachiyo

Momoiro Clover Z is well known for wearing costumes for songs regardless if it’s Halloween or not. In this song, they are supposed to represent both angels and devils with their light and dark outfits. This track was also the theme song to the drama series, “My Little Nightmare.” It’s a pretty fun and upbeat song that isn’t over the top freaky.

2. Amuro Namie – Fighter

Amuro Namie doesn’t typically do dark themes but Fighter definitely fits the theme. Fighter, along with Dear Diary, was used as the theme song for Death Note Japanese live action and it features both Namie and Ryuk. It’s not one of Namie’s stronger tracks so far but it’s pretty enjoyable with her rapping and serving dark looks.

3. Halloween Party – Halloween Junky Orchestra

This is probably one of the more iconic Halloween as it was a collaboration project. Halloween Party is the debut single released by special 2012 Halloween project unit Halloween Junky Orchestra, led by Hyde and K.A.Z from Vamps. The group contains over thirteen well known Japanese musicians. Out of all the 5 songs on this list, Halloween Party really embodied the theme of Halloween from the instrumentals to the costumes and the creepy house.

4. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Fashion Monster

One of Kyary iconic songs when she rose to fame, Fashion Monster is the epitome of Halloween. This MV features Kyary in a floating living castle with a band consisting of monsters as her bandmates. This is definitely one of the more lighthearted poppy Halloween songs on this list.

5. AKB48 – UZA

I’m sure most people would’ve expected AKB48’s other song “Halloween Night” to be on the list but UZA fits as well. It’s one of AKB48’s older songs, I wished Acchan was in this but she graduated the Summer before. This is a song that can be jammed to along with its awesome choreography. With the members dark styling and chandelier room, it really sets the tone.

Bonus: Amuro Namie – Chit Chat

Chit Chat isn’t exactly a themed song but Amuro Namie performed a Halloween version of the song during her LIVE STYLE 2016-2017 tour. It features her and her dancers in accessories such as jack o’lantern, ghosts, etc. To set the theme even more, they added a haunted house animation as the backdrop which really got the audience in the Halloween Mood.

What songs not on the list would you listen to, to get you in the spooky Halloween mood? Comment down below!

Sakura Harano
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