Korean Artist of the Week: Sunny Days [Dec 4-10]

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 Korean Artist of the Week: Dec 4-10

 Sunny Days [써니데이즈]


Sunny Days is a vocally talented girl group that debuted under Haeun Entertainment on May 18, 2012, with the song “Take Away”. This group had several member changes with the original lineup only consisting of 5 girls; it now consists of Sungkyung, Jihee, SooJung, Soohyun, Seoyeon, Jung Yoon, and Seoyeon. In 2014, their subunit, Real Vocal, debuted with the song “With the Same Lips” (Source)

 Featured Songs:

I Don’t Need You Boy (세상의 반은 남자야)

Meet A Girl Like You (너랑 똑같은 여자 만나봐)

Don’t Touch Me (만지지마)

Take Away (가져가)

 Other Songs:

I Must Be Crazy (미친게 틀림없어)

Rain (비가)

Glory Korea

 Please feel free to send in requests and I’ll try to do all of them 😀

 Thoughts on Sunny Days:

 I first learned about Sunny Days through their subunit’s song “With the Same Lips”. I was blown away by their vocal slayage and was surprised to learn that the group debuted in 2012. Many people praise groups such as Brown Eyed Girls, Mamamoo, and Spica for their outstanding ability to sing; Sunny Days should definitely be added to that list. They sound absolutely amazing live and suit both ballads and upbeat songs. Hopefully, they can gain more attention for their talents and great songs!

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