#6YearsOnTheBlock: The Trials, Tribulations, and Successes of Block B

Finding the trail to success was never easy for the seven piece boy group of Block B.

It was a road lined with bumps and hurdles, scandals and abuse. One misfortune after another seeming to follow them wherever they went. If it wasn’t their debut song “Freeze” being deemed inappropriate and their stages cut short, it was the Thailand scandal, or the lawsuit against their abusive former company that threw them into hiatus.

For a long time, fans wondered what would happen next; they wondered what would happen to the group they had stuck with through thick and thin. But it wasn’t till fall of 2013 when a light began to shine on Block B; the creation of a company just for them and a second chance at success.

It was here that we saw their turning point; their rise as one of Korea’s most public-friendly boy groups and digital monsters. It was then that we saw their first ever music show win with “Very Good” and their first huge wave of recognition with “Her.” From then on, it was clear; Block B was a force to be reckoned with. With a strong rap line, self-producing superheroes Zico and Park Kyung, and their unabashed ability to be their simply insane selves, Block B found a home on Melon’s top 10 and in the heart of BBC’s all around the world.

In honor of their 6th anniversary, it is only right that we look back at the six incredible years of music Block B has given us; paying homage to one of K-pop’s best from rags to riches groups.

1.Best Title Tracks


It’s hard not to like a song as awesome as “Nalina”. If you don’t love it’s wonderful display of Block B’s stellar rap line, or it’s incredibly catchy chorus, then you’re probably in it for the awesome “gorilla dance” that can certainly incite a giggle or two. Either way, you’ll probably find something to enjoy about this 2012 hip-hop jam.

Very Good

“Very Good” is the definition of Block B. It’s loud, it’s crazy, it makes your heart pound and your eardrums rattle. It’s rough, rock style makes for the perfect song to go absolutely bonkers, especially if you’re in the crowd of one of their insane “Blockbuster” concerts.


By far Block B’s catchiest single, “Her” is the ultimate summer jam. It’s funky, it’s fun, and perfect for a day at the beach. Not to mention it was the first time we saw “K-pop’s bad boys” head to toe in pastel pink, which was pretty much the best thing ever for every BBC.


A mid-tempo beat accompanied with darker, more emotional lyrics, it was a side of Block B the world had yet to see. But it was one the world wanted to, that’s for sure. “Toy” is by far the group’s biggest song yet and was an absolute smash in Korea last year.


The first title track for Block B produced by Park Kyung, “Yesterday” is the group’s most recent single and one that should have been promoted for as well as it managed to chart. Nevertheless, it’s short, catchy, and has Park Kyung’s typical bright style written all over it.

2. Best Solos, Sub-Units, and Collabs

Eureka – Zico ft. Zion T

In December 2015, we received pure greatness from Zico when he dropped “Eureka” featuring digital superstar Zion.T. Those brassy horns mixed with that thumping bass made for a highly addictive track that was by far his best off his first solo mini album “Gallery.”

Inferiority Complex – Park Kyung ft. Gfriend’s Eunha

An adorable song about an insecure boy, Kyung solidifies his soft image as a solo artist with this delightful little tune. Accompanied by Eunha’s sweet soprano chorus, there’s nothing that isn’t ‘feel-good’ about this stand-out track in Kyung’s ever-expanding solo discography.

Inspiring – Taeil

A solo track totally pushed under the rug by fans and the public alike, Taeil’s single, “Inspiring” beautifully highlights his angelic voice. It’s simple, it’s heartfelt and you can hear every emotion dripping from his melodies.

Zero For Conduct – Bastarz

With a blasting siren and a faint whisper of “Bastarz”, there was no BBC that wasn’t shaking in their boots when Block B’s first ever sub-unit, Bastarz, made their debut. Made up of dancers/vocalists B-Bomb and U-Kwon and rapper P.O, Conduct Zero, solidified Bastarz as the sexy sub-unit that still had that dangerous Block B vibe.

I Am You, You Are Me – Zico

“I Am You, You Are Me” can be best described as what falling in love sounds like. It is that initial, mystical attraction; that dream-like state the mind gets pulled into. The first solo song we got to see Zico sing on, “I Am You, You Are Me” is Zico’s best solo track, and a defining song in his solo repertoire. 

3. Best Live Performances

Jackpot on Music Core

Despite it being one of the very few stages of “Jackpot” we’ve seen on a live music broadcast, it certainly brings the heat, and stands out as one of Block B’s best live performances. The crazy facial expressions, the fandom-colored suites, and the kooky dance make this performance a total 10 out of 10.

Be the Light on MCountdown

A song near and dear to BBC’s hearts, “Be the Light” was a pre-release to their first comeback single post-hiatus. Being one of the first stages following their hiatus, you can just tell by the looks on their faces that it was something so important to the members and to their fans. The way they entered through the crowd of eager and loyal BBC’s made it all the more special.

Taeil and Luna’s Special Stage at KCON France

Originally released as a Zico solo song sung by Luna, “It Was Love” also happened to fit the bill for the perfect song for Block B’s resident powerhouse vocal to take a jab at. And he did so successfully, for his version of the song was included in Block B’s 2016 mini album “Blooming Period”. But when f(x) and Block B both ended up performing at KCON France back in 2016, things got even better, with the two doing a special duet rendition of the already glorious song. Needless to say it was perfection, with two incredibly talented vocalists coming together for a live stage no one could dare forget.

Her at KBS 2014 Gayo

Possibly one of the most extra performances we’ve ever bared witness to, Block B’s stage at the KBS 2014 Gayo is absolutely wild. Zico conducts a choir, the entire group is dressed in matching suits and wigs. This is certainly proof that Block B isn’t afraid of trying anything; even if it makes them look like total fools.

Very Good at 2013 MBC Gayo

Neon outfits, an insanely cool rap intro; Block B doesn’t play when it comes to year-end festival performances. While we sadly haven’t seen Block B at any Gayo since 2014, this stage is a solid reminder that this year, they definitely need to be at every single one.

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