Album producer at the age of 17: IMFACT’s Ungjae!

“Idol Rebooting Show: The Unit” is a survival program that gives underrated idols a chance to shine and get the spotlight they once had, or never have gotten. There are models, trainees, band members, and soloists on the show; however, comprising most of the population are idol group members. Among the many individuals in the show, one simply stood out the best for me. It’s IMFACT’s youngest member and rapper, Ungjae. 

Ungjae even wowed the mentors during IMFACT’s audition on The Unit when he mentioned that he wrote/writes the group’s songs himself. But sadly, the songs he created aren’t even close to succeeding. It caused Ungjae to have worries and feel apologetic towards his members, blaming himself for their constant failure.

“Actually for IMFACT, I composed the title song and most songs on our album. With the album falling behind, our future became unsure. I began to wonder: ‘Once I finish this stage, will there be another stage for me to step up on?'”

“It was very difficult. I could not even continue writing songs. I’m most apologetic to my members.”

-Ungjae on The Unit

In fact (no pun intended), Ungjae debuted at the age of 17 and produced IMFACT’s debut album at a very young age. Here are some of the songs Ungjae produced that will suit various tastes in music.



If you are into the youthful and fun side of music, then “Lollipop” is the one for you! “Lollipop” is the lead single of their debut album of the same title. It features a very fun sound accompanied with a very energetic dance routine. The song is all written, composed, and arranged by Ungjae himself.


In The Club

If you expected upbeat club music then I’m sorry because “In The Club” is far from upbeat. In contrary to its title, “In The Club” is very sentimental and emotional. It has a melancholic sound along with the vocalists’ powerful voices and adding more spice are the rappers’ golden touch. The group had actually worked on the song since pre-debut. “In The Club” is written, composed, and arranged by Ungjae and is co-written by members Sang and Jian.


Feel So Good

If you are into the hip-hop sound, then you will probably feel good with “Feel So Good”. “Feel So Good” is the group’s first ever comeback showing a drastic change of concept from “Lollipop”. It also marked the birth of Ungjae’s ugly dreads. Watch the MV and know what I’m talking about. In this song, Ungjae participated in songwriting and composing.


Tension Up

Now if you are into playful party music then you need to “Tension Up!” After numerous drastic concept changes from school boys to hip-hop to sentimental sounding boys, IMFACT goes back to their debut sound. I personally love this song the most out of the bunch. The song managed to highlight the talent of both the vocalists and rappers with a groovy and catchy sound! “Tension Up” is written and co-composed by Ungjae.


Trouble Maker

Again, please don’t be fooled by the song title. Unlike Hyuna and Hyunseung’s provocative “Troublemaker”, IMFACT’s “Trouble Maker” is more on the mature and sentimental side. If you want to hear good rap verses then you need to listen to this, for the rap line really stood out the most here! The lyrics are heartbreaking as well, branding themselves as good-for-nothing, failures, and trouble makers. The songwriting, composition, and arrangement are done by Ungjae. Co-members Sang and Jian also participated in songwriting and composition.


Please Be My First Love

While the title may suggest a cute song, it’s actually a ‘mix between cute and mellow’ love song. “Please Be My First Love” is the song to go to when you want to feel light-hearted and happy. The song itself has a hopeful and bright sound perfect for weekend morning tea. The song is written, composed, and arranged by Ungjae.


Thanks to The Unit, there are underrated idols who are gaining attention. The idols on the show are very talented and are really precious. One of those idols is Ungjae and his group IMFACT. With amazing songs and talent, I don’t doubt one day, IMFACT will hit the success they deserve. I hope everyone gives the show a chance.

What’s your favorite song produced by Ungjae? Who are your favorite The Unit contestants? Comment them down below!

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