Album Review – 2PM’s Gentlemen’s Game

Release Date : September 13, 2016

Tracklist :
01. Promise (I`ll be)
02. Uneasy
03. Giv u Class.
04. Make Love
05. “시도때도없이” (Without trying)
06. Never
07. 콧노래
08. 어때 (How is it?)
09. 향수
10. My Last
11. Can`t Stop Feeling

Total Runtime: 00 : 38 : 23

Recommended for: Listeners who enjoy R’n’B and a bit of jazz.

NOT recommended for: People who are into killer ballads, intense dance tracks or hip-hop jams.

Veteran boy group 2PM have evolved into suave, upper classmen for their sixth full-length album, “Gentlemen’s Game”.

2PM released this album to celebrate their eighth anniversary since debut and to make a “Promise” to their loyal fans before they become soldiers within the next two years.

“Gentlemen’s Game” bolsters of 11 tracks that are catchy, mature and buttery-smooth.

This album is perfect for those hungry for an eargasm or a new muse.


Track 1/Title Track – Promise (I’ll be)

This future bass track is vastly different to 2PM’s past releases. Taecyeon (T.Y) has created a masterpiece that sits high up on the top shelf of 2PM’s best title tracks. It starts off with Wooyoung and Nichkhun expressing; “I need you right now” and a sentimental piano. Electronic beats kick in as Chansung calls out to his baby before the chorus. Junho makes a powerful start to the chorus where future bass tunes are introduced. Jun.K shows off his explosive vocals and promises he will be there next to the fans. The beat drops in the second verse features Nichkhun, Taecyeon, who sings his lines and lead vocalist Wooyoung. In the bridge, Taecyeon brings his A-game in a rap section, highlighted by the line: “Lights, camera, action”. The members sing in an easy chest range to make promises before Taecyeon attempts a sustained low belt. Junho and Jun.K slay the final chorus and add a few adlibs. Jun.K adds a soulful “eh~” at the end.

Track 2 – Uneasy

“Uneasy” begins with Chansung’s deep tone that captures a slow burn feel. The beat picks up as Wooyoung and Junho form a poppy jam. Jun.K and Wooyoung sexily express that they are feeling uneasy in the chorus. Nichkhun uses his falsetto to end the soulful chorus, which transitions into Taecyeon singing a few lines in the second verse. Junho and Jun.K pull a punch with their rhythmical vocals to wrap up the verse. In the highlight bridge, 2PM all deliver the line, “I won’t say goodbye” with their own unique style. Wooyoung, Jun.K and Chansung sing the final chorus with pretty adlibs from Jun.K again and Junho. Nichkhun uses his falsetto to wrap up “Uneasy”.

Track 3 – Giv u Class

A refreshing guitar plays at the start of this Wooyoung-penned track. Taecyeon and Nichkhun set a smooth tone from the beginning of the song. Wooyoung switches roles to a rapper to end the first verse. The song gradually becomes darker once Jun.K sings in the chorus, paired with Junho’s slow vocal runs as he declares, “I’m gonna give u class”. Chansung sings a few sweet lines and Taecyeon chooses to sing-rap in the second verse. Chansung and Nichkhun have their turn in singing a chorus together, which is rare in 2PM’s discography. Wooyoung drops the beat in the bridge with two sincere lines. Jun.K and Junho sing the final chorus, which features sustained belts and falsetto moments.

Track 4 – Make Love

“Make Love” is a funky yet sexy track. The beginning is quite light-hearted as Chansung calls out to his babies in his falsetto. Wooyoung’s breathy vocals get the feels going and Nichkhun blesses ears by telling his lady, “You’re so precious”. In the chorus Junho’s sensual falsetto matches perfectly with his line, “I wanna make love with you”. Jun.K serenades his way to the end of the chorus. Taecyeon uses his manly tone to rap about making love all night long. Wooyoung and Nichkhun commit to their love to finish the second verse. Chansung takes the bridge and sings with delicacy. In the final chorus, Junho sings in a higher pitch and Jun.K delivers nice supporting vocals, which makes a nice change-up to wrap up “Make Love”.

Track 5-시도때도없이 (Without trying)

This is another medium-tempo gem that is similar to other 2PM B-sides. The instrumental sounds like something you’d hear in a sophisticated bar. Nichkhun sings in a comfortable low range to start the first verse. A baby squeak breaks the mood for a second before Junho says “Hello” in the chorus. Jun.K follows suit with his crooning. Chansung and Wooyoung serenade along with a catchy faster beat. Taecyeon and Nichkhun show their masculinity in two sections of rap. The bridge features Taecyeon smoothly delivering his sing-rap and Chansung and Wooyoung singing. Junho, Jun.K and Wooyoung bring it home in the final chorus, highlighted by some soft falsetto adlibs.

Track 6- Never

“Never” starts with a slow, electric guitar intro and Wooyoung’s creamy vocal runs. The speed picks up a bit as soon as Junho kicks off the first verse. Wooyoung comes back to deliver two smooth lines, while Nichkhun comfortably serenades his way to end the verse. Jun.K and Junho make the song sound more R’n’B esque in the chorus, which features high notes from both boys. Wooyoung promises to “Never let you go” at the end of the chorus. Taceyeon and Chansung deliver an addictive rap before Nichkhun leads into the second chorus. Nichkhun raps about how much he misses his girl in the bridge as Jun.K sings some adlibs. Junho and Jun.K’s glorious vocal runs are the highlight of the final chorus. Wooyoung says he’ll “Never let you go” for the last time.

Track 7 –콧노래

This track starts off with a jazzy instrumental and sweet harmonies. Nichkhun opens the verse with his boyish and cute vocals. Wooyoung follows suit, accompanied by Taceyeon’s rap fillers. Chansung gets the groove going with a little “du-du”. In the chorus, Junho floats between chest and falsetto registers to produce a laid-back feel. Jun.K finally appears in the bridge where he mixes sings and raps. Junho sings for his baby before Jun.K returns to deliver an entire rap section, which shows his true swag. Wooyoung and Junho begin the final chorus. Jun.K’s smooth vocals and Junho’s last line, “baby, baby, my love” finishes the song.

Track 8 -어때 (How is it?)

A fun and upbeat electric guitar plays at the beginning. Wooyoung and Chansung lighten the mood in the first verse. Junho jams along to the catchy instrumentals before Jun.K sings the chorus. Nichkhun and Chansung get the arms swaying ahead of the second verse. Nichkhun starts the verse and Junho sings a vocal run. In the bridge, Wooyoung adds some punch in his lines and Taecyeon turns up with his powerful rap. Junho goes for the high-sustained falsetto before the final chorus. The boys wrap up this playful song by asking if you want to drink a glass with them.

Track 9 –향수

This version of “Perfume” is vastly different compared to Chansung’s solo from a few years ago. It’s a dance track compared to a ballad. The song screams funky from the get go, continuing on from the previous track. Wooyoung croons about a mysterious girl and Chansung attempts a high note to kick off proceedings. Nichkhun ends the verse with his soft vocals. Jun.K makes a statement in the chorus before Junho adds some more oomph. Nichkhun delivers a few lines where he transitions from chest to falsetto before Taecyeon explodes with his impactful rap. He returns in the bridge to rap another section where his softer yet punchier approach sounds great. Jun.K and Junho dominate the final chorus by adding some adlibs before Taecyeon raps this hilarious line, “I wanna put it in a bottle baby”. The Jun Brothers ends the song on a sweet note.

Track 10 – My Last

“My Last” is the only genuine ballad in “Gentleman’s Game”. It lives up to the title and is a heartfelt and meaningful track. Wooyoung starts off with smooth and delicate vocals. A synth sound is introduced as Chansung chimes in two lines. 2PM harmonise together in the chorus on the line, “You are my last”. Nichkhun is given the solo lines where he serenades his way to end the chorus. Junho injects more emotions with phrased high notes before Chansung follows suit. Jun.K uses his R’n’B style in the second chorus and Taecyeon coolly executes his rap in the bridge. Chansung drops the beat for Nichkhun to follow with a vocal run. Junho finishes the bridge strongly by singing in his beloved falsetto register. Wooyoung takes the final chorus where he also uses falsetto and sings phrased high notes. Jun.K adds his signature touch to end “My Last”.

Track 11 – Can’t Stop Feeling

A giddy, reggae-esque feel kicks starts the last track of “Gentleman’s Game”. But the reggae becomes jazzier as brass instruments are introduced. Wooyoung sets the vibrant mood of the song in the first verse. Nichkhun and Junho’s angelic vocals act as a teaser to the chorus. The boys harmonise the first line before Jun.K adds some melodic touch. Chansung cutely confesses, “You’re going to be my baby” to end the chorus. Taecyeon delivers an attractive and sexy rap in the bridge. In the final chorus, claps enter in the background and the song gets more exciting. Junho sings high-pitched falsetto adlibs before dropping the pitch back down for a few sweet lines. Chansung concludes the album on one last “I just can’t stop feeling”.


Overall, 2PM’s “Gentleman’s Game” is a high-quality album. From variety in compositions to vocals and rap, the members’ experience is evident. 2PM have been in the K-pop industry for eight years and they are fully aware of their strengths and limitations. This is why they stick true to their guns without doing too much and stayed consistent over 11 tracks. The highlights of the album include absolute gems like “Promise”, “Giv u Class”, 시도때도없이 (Without trying) and “Never”. A weakness would be second half of the album sounding quite similar as many songs were upbeat, jazzy tracks. Other than that, this album is up there with the some of the best music 2PM has ever produced, especially the title track. Hats off to 2PM for spoiling HOTTEST’s and K-pop fans alike with this smashing album before they enlist in the military in the near future.

greenReplayability -GREEN
Can be put on repeat anytime, anywhere.

greenCohesiveness– GREEN
Flowed well and gradually transitioned to more upbeat songs towards the end.

greenOriginality– GREEN
2PM showed some new sounds yet staying true to their own style and music colour.

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  • Thnks for the review as an album I think this one and my house are the best…..they are like, I cud just put the music on background and continue my work or cud enjoy my coffee in a peaceful morning or a lovely evening. It has a soothing effect..their vocals are really improving each time. Your descriptions were like recap of an episode and I wish u cud add a rating or review of it..though u hav given one at the end…
    gud work
    hav a nice day