Album Review: 4Minute Act.7

Release Date: 2016.02.01


1. Hate *Title
2. No Love
3. Blind
4. Canvas
5. Hate (instrumental)

Total Runtime: 00:18:06

Recommended for: 4Nia’s, Pop-hip-hop-EDM lovers

NOT recommended for: Peeps who aren’t into bass heavy beats 

Time to bust out those emergency fire extinguishers, kids, cause the gangsta ladies of 4Minute are back once again to blaze their way into our playlists with their fireball of a mini album, Act 7.

Let the scathing begin.



Numero uno for Act. 7  mini is title track ‘Hate’ and boy is it a doozy. Before I start gushing about the greatness of this track, allow me to briefly nag about my ‘issues’ with it’s overall quality. Initially, I was pretty damn hyped for this song since the teaser presented it’s melody as a powerful, R&B-ish type song (which I freaking love) but when the actual song was officially released in all it’s entirety, I was a bit disappointed. Now, I didn’t exactly expect this to be as momentously awesome as ‘Crazy’ however being a fan of Skrillex (producer of Hate), I was at least expecting a rhythm of that caliber. ‘Hate’ satisfies where it needs to but I can’t help but feel as if it’s lacking an extra special something. The strange way the piano tune suddenly transitions to a fast paced EMD beat was a little odd. It generally sounds like two entirely different songs bleeding into one another. Don’t get me wrong, this is still a damn good track loaded with a funky breakdown and an ear-worming chorus. It’s a total head banger for sure!


 No Love

As stated before, I’m a super sucker for smooth pop tracks with a splish splash of R&B strewn in the mix and 4Minute definitely delivered that on a silver platter with this track. I was instantly addicted to it’s light hearted melody from the very first listen. No Love’s charm stems from it’s combination of honey vocals along with the chill rap breaks. Listening to this track is the equivalent of taking a giant, satisfying bite out of a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Pure gooey goodness.



This is my absolute favorite track on the entire mini, hands down. Seriously, this song is crazy good. The hypnotic tempo at the very beginning hauntingly lures you in as if it’s daring to continue listening.  Usually, I’m not a fan of Hyuna’s rapping tone however in this song, her unique pitch paired with the charismatic pull of vocals from the rest of the gang matches Blind’s dark undertones till the very last second.



Canvas rolls with a more ‘clubbing’ kinda vibe. Like, I can totally picture myself jamming to this while partying with a few friends on a popping saturday night. Just like the previous songs, the rapping in this track is superb and addictive as crap. The EDM beat has a ‘bang bang bang in yo face’ kinda impact to it. My only complaint would be from the lack of lyrics in the chorus. I can’t help but have this gnawing feeling that this track relies a little too heavily on the pulsing, the tidal wave of a beat it hones. The majority of the chorus mainly consists of a repeated chanting of “Canvas” while the beat intensifies throughout the remainder of the track. But despite that, it’s still quite pleasurable to my eardrums.


Hate (Instrumental)

An instrumental of the title track, plain and simple. The escalation of the slow paced melody to the thunderous trumpeting beat is quite evident when hearing it without the lyrics. Either way, my general interest in the song as a whole remains in the green.

Overall, this mini is straight up fiya. I expect no less from 4Minute since they seem to have, in my opinion, one of the best discographies in kpop. There honestly isn’t really isn’t a 4minute album that I dislike or find unlistenable, their music quality is highly appealing. When it comes to a fresh new sound or concept, you can always count on 4minute. Consider your playlist torched.

Replayability– GREEN

Loopdy loopdy loop loop loop.


Cohesiveness– GREEN

Every track threads together like shoelaces.


Originality- YELLOW

With all the EMD like beats, I’m sure you’ve heard some tracks like this before but the take on is still pretty effective.

It's too late for me. Save yourself.

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