Album Review: 9Muses – Muses Diary Part 2 : IDENTITY

Release Date: June 19, 2017


  1. Identity
  2. 기억해 (Remember)
  3. 페스츄리 (Pastry)
  4. 둘이서 (Two of Us)
  5. Hate Me

Total Runtime: 00:19:04

Recommended for: 9Muses fans, people who like sultry and sexy music, those who are into dark & sexy songs reminiscent to the type of songs VIXX releases.

NOT recommended for: Those who prefer bubbly and bright girl group songs.

After a series of  lineup changes, 9Muses is back with another high quality album! With the exception of Sungah, the four remaining lovely ladies, Hyemi, Kyungri, Keumjo, and Sojin, are here to exceed our expectations and blow our minds. With almost two years of hard works and preparations, they surely took their time to meticulously pick the best for this much awaited album. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Track Review:

Track 1 – Identity

The opening track of their newest album “Identity”, is an intro of the same name. The minute long tune basically sums the album in a nutshell. Within one minute, it shows the concept to be expected; like a warning sign that will notify you about what you’re getting into. It has an emotional and sad vibe, but does not lose the signature sexy charm of 9Muses. The only thing I am not sure about is the addition of the vocals right at the end. I would have preferred, if they had stuck to a full instrumental intro.

Track 2 – 기억해 (Remember)

‘Remember’ is easily one of 9Muses’ best songs. I mean, it’s just pure art and artistry. The first lines gave me goosebumps with the slow tempo and mild instrumental accompaniment. It’s good that way, until it reaches the pre-chorus, which builds tension and emotions. When it reaches the chorus it goes BAM! If you compare it to ‘The Voice’ I would have turned my seat already when that banging chorus came. The chorus has an EDM feel; something like the typical songs played in clubs or bars. I would like to mention the instrumental part after “기억해” . It’s so beautiful. Let’s talk about Sojin’s rap though. Whoever thought that doing a deep, sultry rap with the accompaniment of the electric guitar must be insane… An insane genius! All-in-all if I were to choose only one word to describe “Remember”, it would be PHENOMENAL.

Track 3 – 페스츄리 (Pastry)

Pastry is definitely a BOP. It is a good song, but not as good as the title track. It is a dance track that leans less towards the sexy side, but still keeping 9Muses’ sexy charm. One notable thing about this song is the rap. I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing Sojin was! I thought E.U.Aerin’s leave would create a huge slump in that department for 9Muses’ songs, but thankfully Sojin proved to me she is very capable for that. The chorus is catchy and their voices are beautiful as usual.

Track 4 – 둘이서 (Two Of Us)

As expected, this song is another 9Muses bop. This group never really lets me down with the quality of their songs. Two of Us is an upbeat dance track that has a very very catchy chorus. This song can definitely qualify as a title track. It reminds me of 9Muses A’s debut song “Lip 2 Lip”. Not a single dull moment in this song.  If this song was a movie, you would never want to close your eyes.

Track 5 – Hate Me

This song is definitely the most chill in this album, however it is not a ballad, which is quite disappointing. The constant mention of the words “hate me” is addicting and at the same time refreshing, because you usually do not hear a song that asks the other person to hate instead of love them. Hate Me gives the coffee shop and department store vibe, the one that usually calms your heart as you listen to it? That type. It can be both chill AND sexy, it depends on your mood and what you want it to be.

Review overview
Summary All-in-all, "Identity" was a pure art. There are literally no songs that are lacking in quality. All songs (except the intro) are title track worthy. However, there is definitely a unique charm about Remember that justifies it being the album's lead single. Although the member departures have left fans sad, 9Muses surely does not disappoint with their music. The album is saturated with amazing vocals, superb rap, and addictive music. 9Muses is a group that constantly releases amazing songs, but still underperforms. Hopefully, this time 9Muses will get the justice they deserve and snatch their first win!
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