Album Review: Apink – Pink Up

Release: 2017.06.26


  1. Five
  2. Tok Tok
  3.  Eyes
  4.  Like it
  5. Evergreen
  6. Always
  7. Five (Inst)

Total Runtime: 00:23:34

Recommended for: Pink Pandas

Not Recommended for: Anti-fans

Apink is back with their sixth mini-album “Pink Up“. Apink has always wowed their fans with their amazing releases. So how does this album fare? Is it yet another gem from the talented girls or did they finally disappoint their fans with this release?

1. Five

Five is the title track of this mini album. From the start, you can tell that this is an Apink song. The song is really catchy, especially during the repetitions of  “Wayo Wayo Wayo Wa”. Namjoo‘s high notes toward the end particularly caught my attention with their beauty.

2. Tok Tok

Funky yet calming in nature. Tok Tok is a great song to dance to.

3. Eyes

Talented leader Chorong have always written great songs for Apink fans from April 19th to The Wave.  And once again, she deliver. Eyes is a beautiful ballad that will touch the heart of anyone listening to it.

4. Like it

Bright and addicting.  “Johayo” is my favourite part of the song.

5. Evergreen

I have always been a fan of Apink’s ballads and this song fits my taste perfectly. This song tugs at my heartstrings.

6. Always

Released as a special digital single on April 19th, 2017, it is Apink’s very own fan song. While it’s pale in comparison to the likes of “The Wave”, this song is still worth a listen.


I feel at ease in the darkness.

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