Album Review: B.A.P – Blue

Release Date: September 5, 2017


  1. Honeymoon
  2. All The Way Up
  3. Rewind

Total Runtime: 00:10:21

Recommended for: Listeners who love songs with a tropical feel.

NOT Recommended for: Listeners wanting to hear B.A.P’s usual dark, hip-hop/rock style.

The third installment in their color-themed album series, B.A.P has returned with a matured sound in their 7th single album Blue. Featuring three new tracks with a much brighter feel in comparison to their previous releases Rose and Noir, Blue is another album that shows listeners a new side of B.A.P, reminding us of their musical diversity that always delivers.

Track 1 – Honeymoon

Ushering listeners in with a gentle whistle, Honeymoon is the perfect track to ease you out of the energy and electricity of summer songs and into the gentler side of autumn. It balances itself well between relaxing and upbeat, and is the perfect song to listen to on a trip somewhere in the great outdoors. But be warned; you may have that catchy little whistle stuck in your head for quite a while.

Track 2 – All The Way Up

If you’re really into the whole tropical house trend that’s been sweeping pop music in Korea and beyond, then you might find yourself being fond of All The Way Up. A song expressing the desire to soar in the sky, this track will have you feeling free, fresh, and oh so feel-good.

Track 3 – Rewind

Incase you were feeling overwhelmed by all the refreshing energy from the previous two tracks, B.A.P wraps the album up by taking it down a few notches with a crooning break-up song titled, Rewind. A song that begs a lover to return, Rewind features the gentle sound of rain and the buzz of an electric guitar that suits the members’ vocals beautifully. This track also allows for Bang Yongguk and Zelo’s raps to shine, proving once again that B.A.P’s rap line may be one of the best, and the most forgotten, in K-Pop.

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Summary Fresh and cool, B.A.P proves they can pull off any concept and any style they dare to put their minds to in their 7th single album "Blue".
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