Album Review – Baek Yerin’s Bye Bye My Blue

Release Date : June 19, 2016

Tracklist :
1. Bye Bye My Blue
2. 그의 바다
3. Zero

Total Runtime: 00 : 10: 35

Recommended for: Listeners who adore ballads, noteworthy vocals and break-up songs

NOT recommended for: Those who do not fancy slow and sentimental songs

Soulful singer-songwriter 15&’s Baek Yerin says “Bye Bye My Blue” to her sad love in her second digital album.

“Bye Bye My Blue” is the sequel to Yerin’s “Frank” album from last year. It still maintains the deep, meaningful feels from her debut.

The album features three glorious tracks that will teleport listeners on top of the clouds and take a breath from heartache.


Track 1/Title Track – Bye Bye My Blue


Yerin’s go-to-style of singing ballads with a refreshing yet hopeful twist is evident in “Bye Bye My Blue”. A slightly quirky yet sentimental piano tune plays at the beginning. The first verse features Yerin’s chilled low notes and her downhearted tone. She uses snippets of falsetto to start the chorus. Midway through, her diction becomes stronger as well as her chest notes. In the second verse, the sadness in her voice grows as she changes to a higher key. The ballad concludes with a beautiful instrumental consisting of piano, drums, water drops and chimes.

Track 2 -그의 바다

This is another gripping number. A sharp booming sound is first heard at the start, followed by an addictive combination of drums and piano. Yerin sounds almost tearful in the first verse, as her vocals stings the heartstrings. Her delivery remains powerful in an exhilarating chorus. There is plenty of heart and thought when she expresses her lines in the chorus. The second verse features a few mini high notes, which is followed by a faster-tempo chorus, highlighted by a nice guitar tune. “그의 바다” wraps up on a dejected note.

Track 3 – Zero

“Zero” is one heartfelt track that is full of sincerity. It is a perfect song to listen to with your eyes closed. Yerin melts our ears as she sings along to a tender piano tune in the first verse. Her voice is gentle yet carrying strong support. A depressing electric guitar is introduced in the chorus to accompany her emotional delivery. Her pain can be heard in her sad tone, as it seems like she obviously has a lot of insecurities and scars. The melancholic ballad ends on a gloomy tune formed by the piano and electric guitar.

Baek Yerin really shows how she can connect with listeners through touching ballads like in this album. She continues to let her impressive musicality and vocals do the talking. The compositions and lyrics reflected the emotional scars and difficulties a girl who just turned 20 (note: International age and Yerin’s birthday is on June 26) has experienced. She expresses those emotions through her music and gifts it to anyone who can also relate. “Bye Bye My Blue” truly does not lack much as it fits exactly to what is expected from a talented artist in Baek Yerin.

greenReplayability– GREEN
Trio of touching tracks that is totally worthy of many late-night repeats
greenCohesiveness– GREEN
Flowed well like a deep dream
greenOriginality– GREEN
Successfully shows Yerin’s individual flair for music

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