Album Review: Block B – Re:Montage

Release Date: January 8, 2018


  1. 떠나지마요 (Don’t Leave)
  2. 마지막 정류장 (The Last Stop) [Jaehyo Solo]
  3. Everythin’ (U-Kwon Solo)
  4. My Zone
  5. Shall We Dance
  6. 일방적이야 (One Way)
  7. 이렇게 (Like This)
  8. Give & Take (B-Bomb Solo)

Total Runtime: 0:27:47

Recommended for: Hardcore BBCs, those looking for something more chill than Montage.

NOT recommended for: People who dislike ballads, those looking for more OT7 Block B tracks.

Block B’s last album Montage left a bittersweet taste in many BBC’s mouths. While there was joy that Block B was finally releasing new music after a year and seven month hiatus, there was frustration in the fact that the group only promoted the song for two weeks.

Luckily for Block B fans, the boys came back just two months later with a repackage album entitled Re:Montage. Featuring one new OT7 track and two new solo tracks, Block B delivers a much softer side than the original Montage album, perfect for fans that prefer singles such as Be the Light and Toy.

*This review focuses on the three new tracks released on the repackage. If you would like to read about the original Montage tracks, click here.

Track 1 – 떠나지마요 (Don’t Leave)

Typically when k-pop fans think of Block B, they don’t exactly think “ballad group.” However, Block B does know how to tap into their softer side; Toy, A Few Years Later, and Be the Light are all testaments to that. However, Don’t Leave might be one of their calmest and most heart-breaking yet. Lyrics that cry out in desperation for a lover not to abandon them, Don’t Leave mixes a gentle drumbeat, piano, and bit of guitar to create the perfect heartbreaking medley. If Shall We Dance was a bit too overwhelming, Don’t Leave might be just your style.

Track 2 – 마지막 정류장 (The Last Stop) [Jaehyo Solo]

Continuing with ballads, the second track on Re:Montage is The Last Stop, a solo done by Block B’s sub-vocal and visual, Jaehyo. It’s the first solo track we’ve see from Jaehyo, making him the last member to release a solo song. Nevertheless, it’s nice to see Jaehyo’s vocals highlighted in a song all his own. It’s a pretty standard Korean ballad, but it does successfully show off his vocals well. If you’re a BBC who’s been eager for Jaehyo to show the world his talents, this track will be a favorite of yours for sure.

Track 3 – Everythin’ (U-Kwon Solo)

The last new solo song comes from one of Block B’s dancers, U-Kwon. And of course, it would only be fitting that his song Everythin’ was perfect for performances. A happy r&b track describing being in love, this song stands out well from the previous ballads, and takes on a style much like fellow dancer B-Bomb’s Give & Take, with a slight bit more sweetness over sex appeal. This song is a great one to listen to, but it will certainly be elevated if U-Kwon performs a dance with it at Block B’s upcoming Blockbuster concerts.

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Summary Block B gives fans a successful set of follow-up tracks to their November release "Montage."
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