Album Review: Chung Ha – Hands on Me

Release Date: June 07, 2017


  1. Hands on Me
  2. Why Don’t You Know (Feat. 넉살)
  3. Make a Wish
  4. 우주먼지
  5. 월화수목금토일

Total Runtime: 00:14:38

Recommended for: Kim Chung Ha fans, those who like (don’t mind about) generic songs,

NOT recommended for: Those who have high expectation on her début, listeners who seek something fresh and original.

I.O.I’s dancing legend Kim Chung Ha is finally debuting with a mini album “Hands on Me”. There are 5 new tracks in this album with title track “Why Don’t You Know” that features rapper Nucksal, and a pre-released song “Week”. Let’s see how the album fare!

Track Review:

Track 1 – Hands on Me

Hands on Me is one of many album intro tracks in K-Pop that would’ve been proper track. The beat is really nice and just screams sassiness all over it. The first few seconds are influenced by Broadway music.

Track 2 – Why Don’t You Know (Feat. 넉살)

Why Don’t You Know is a tropical dance track, that features Show Me the Money 6’s contestant Nucksal. As a title track for her début as a solo artist, it does not leave a strong impression for me. The song really would’ve been better. Chungha is a triple threat idol; she can sing, has an exceptional dancing skill, and has a pretty face to boot. But being a jack of all trades, she’s average in most of it especially her vocal skills. She can hit it high but that doesn’t call for her as a good singer. Her singing is very flat and forgettable. If she can improve on that, she has a bright future ahead of her. That being said, the song is good but not memorable.

Track 3 – Make a Wish

Not necessarily a better track than Why Don’t You Know, but Make a Wish is possibly one of the two choices for this album’s title track. In my opinion, I would definitely pick this song over Why Don’t You Know because of the extra brightness and energy provided. At least it’s catchy.

Track 4 – 우주먼지

A ballad song by Chung Ha, and you don’t expect that from a dancing diva. And certainly don’t expect it to be one of the best tracks in this album. Cosmic Dust is quite good, not outstanding but I’d listen to it on repeat given I am in my good mood at that time. She has that voice, but as mentioned before, she can and need to improve on that department.

Track 5 – 월화수목금토일

Week is the first song from Queen Chung Ha (pre-released) that graced us, and surely surprised us because it’s a ballad song! But no worries because being a ballad song is not a bad thing at all. Her voice in this song is very soothing and that makes it better. She looks so good in the music video and that’s a plus for me. I like it.


Review overview
Summary I truly am disappointed with this album as it feels her label didn't put much efforts for it. Most tracks are forgettable and considering just how talented she is, none of it is showing her true ability as an all rounder singer. Although, not everything is bad because as generic as the songs are, we can still enjoy listening to them as long as you cast away your high expectations. I am so sorry Queen Chung Ha, I still love you.

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