Album Review: Confess to GOT7 this Christmas

The seven romanticists of GOT7 are out to play cupid for young lovebirds with their new music video, ‘Confession Song’!

‘Confession Song’ marks the boys’ third Korean release this year and has garnered more than 700,000 views on YouTube.

The cozy winter jingle and two self-penned tracks, ‘Everyday’ and ‘Farewell’ are all featured on the newly released Mad repackage album.

Each of the tracks gives IGOT7’s and casual listeners a warm, fuzzing feeling that calms down one’s stiff insides.

OH!Press reviews GOT7’s new MV and two new songs below.

‘고백송 Confession Song’ Review

The MV is set in an ordinary high school as we see students dressed in uniform, studying hard in a classroom and mingling in the cafeteria. Then enter two hotshot idols in Jackson and JB wearing Rudolph the Reindeer head masks. They ‘disguise’ their identity and rock up in front of the oblivious students, kidnapping lovebirds from left right and centre. If Rudolph pops out of nowhere and tries to steer a normal kid away, he might get slaughtered alive. The reindeers lead the confused girls to the sparkling gym, and we see a walkway decorated with white balloons and Christmas trees. Another reindeer and some guy with silver-blonde hair are waiting for her. That guy is the wild and sexy, Jackson! As Jackson trots his way to the girl, like a groom running to his wife, Junior and Bam Bam share a moment behind a tree. Jackson takes the lucky girl’s hand and starts rapping to her. She giggles and loses her cool. The boys then take turns in setting her up with a person wearing a bear head mask (what’s with these creepy masks?), starting with gloriously dashing church oppa Junior.

Everything is cute until resident cuties, Yugyeom and Bam Bam throwing their arms over her shoulder. That move sets the jelly rock hard. Then JB sings ‘I love you’ to the girls while Mokpo’s prince Youngjae jumps around throwing hearts at the cupids like a country bumpkin. The cheesiness here is so real but it just captures any fan’s heart. Last but not least, visual supreme Mark shows up and raps his way to a girl’s heart with a hug in front of the guy who’s going to confess.

Finally, the students remove their head masks to confess to their special crush in the sweetest ways possible. This part pulls the heartstrings and a wave of nostalgia crashes through the motions, allowing the listener to reminisce about their high school love or when they got confessed to. Once the girls accept their newfound beaus, confetti explodes and fills the building as GOT7 celebrate by dancing and cheering like adorable dorks. The romantic MV ends with sweet and fluttery hugs between the couples, JinSon and YuBam.


The song is simply a fresh and lovable tune that is perfect for the holiday season. Tambourines work their magic in most Christmas-y songs, and ‘Confession Song’ is no exception. Jackson opens with his signature deep and sexy rap. Junior and Yugyeom kick off the vocals for the verse with all their heart and sincerity. The chorus is sung as a group, with JB’s pretty tone shining through and passing it onto Youngjae’s honeyed vocals. Bam Bam leads the second verse, charming ears with his rap lines ending with a little vocalisation. Junior and Yugyeom finish the verse in the same fashion as verse one. 2Jae delivers the chorus just as sweetly as the first time. The bridge features flower boy rapper Mark and he conveys his lines with the cutest bit of swag you’ll ever hear. The ending chorus concludes the song beautifully with tiny adlibs and a cheeky bout of falsetto by the gorgeous vocal pair, 2Jae.

Verdict: 4/5

‘Everyday’ Review

This track is one true gem. Following the winter theme of the album, ‘Everyday’ warms you up like drinking a cup of hot chocolate. Written by leader JB, it is a one of GOT7’s best medium-tempo tunes. The song begins with Jackson arousing us to wonder about what he does “everyday, every night”. Maknae Yugyeom starts off with his sweet, boyish vocals before Junior conveys his thankfulness like a man. Junior, many fans should be thanking you for your existence. Main vocalist Youngjae enters the verse for a cameo and is followed by Yugyeom and Junior for a few short lines. JB wraps up the chilled verse by confessing, “Baby, I love you” and ending with a vocal run. Youngjae opens the chorus and swiftly serenades his way to our hearts before JB follows suit. Jackson returns in the second verse with an attempt of half-rap and half-vocals but the execution could be better. Youngjae pops up for another quick line. Yugyeom then finishes the verse with a fluttering falsetto. 2Jae sings the soothing chorus again. Bam Bam finally appears with his attractive rap that brings smiles to all fans. Mark makes promises to “always be your baby” and pleas for the ladies not to leave him. In comes JJ Project to set out fireworks in the bridge, with RnB king JB showing off his beloved falsetto. The boys continue onto the chorus with a few belts and adlibs from Youngjae. ‘Everyday’ finishes with a delicate instrumental that sends listeners off to a dreamland with GOT7.

Verdict: 4/5

‘Farewell’ Review

‘Farewell’ is like a heartfelt letter where one writes words they cannot say aloud – a message that brings tears to the recipient’s eyes once or if they read it. Leader JB sets the smooth feel of the song from the get go. These type of slow and emotional ballads suit JB’s vocals to boot. Yugyeom sings his way into our dreams. Yugyeom’s youth is shown in his voice and this album, that rawness has shined in his parts. Youngjae, who bursts out with desperation and power, leads the chorus before trading one-liners with Junior. The whole group harmonizes “sarang, sarang” as Youngjae concludes the chorus beautifully. A heartfelt JB starts the second verse before Yugyeom finishes sweetly. Youngjae and Junior begin the second chorus exactly like the first. Then the biggest surprise of this song appears – Jackson singing with his proper tone, it’s quite pleasant to the ears. JJ Project, Jackson, Youngjae and Bam Bam take turns to longingly beg for their lovers not to leave their side. The rap line consisting of Jackson, Bam Bam and Mark combine together with Junior and Youngjae adlibbing in the background. For the ending chorus, JB and Yugyeom pour out their all and the lovely “sarang, sarang” part resurfaces with Junior, Youngjae and Jackson trading touching lines that brings water to the eyes. Emotional JJ Project softly sings to the song’s end, leaving the feeling of a bittersweet farewell.

Verdict 4.5/5

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