Album Review: DAY6 – Moonrise (EveryDAY6 December)

Release Date: December 6, 2017


  1. Better Better
  2. I Like You (Title)
  3. What Can I Do
  4. I Remember
  5. Whatever!
  6. Be Lazy
  7. Hi Hello
  8. I Loved You
  9. When You Love Someone
  10. All Alone
  11. Pouring
  12. I Need Somebody
  13. I’ll Try
  14. Colors (Final Version – CD Only)
  15. Like That Sun (Final Version – CD Only)
  16. I’m Going Crazy (Final Version – CD Only)
  17. Habits (Final Version – CD Only)
  18. Freely (Final Version – CD Only)

*Songs that are marked as CD only can only be listened to via the physical album.

Recommended for: Actually at this point, I will confidently say everyone. This album has a wide array of songs with different colors and genres. Although Day6 is a rock group, they have managed to nail ballads and slow pop songs. I recommend this to anyone searching for good music.

Not Recommended for: Day6 doubters, haters, bashers, non-believers.

After 12 months of NON-STOP promotions, Day6’s year long project “EveryDay6” has finally come to an end. Each month, Day6 carefully choose their title tracks and by doing this, they have shown their different sides as an artist and their versatility as a band. They have also proved that they are not only limited to rock music but they are able to pull off other genres effortlessly as well. Therefore, Day6 has successfully gained more recognition due to their year of hard work. Despite being pressured to top their past releases, the 5-membered boy band generated high quality songs, creating one phenomenal masterpiece. Hopefully, the members get a well-rested vacation afterwards as they deserve it so much. Join me to see the Moonrise.

Track 1 – Better Better

Starting off “Moonrise” is track number one called “Better Better“. It starts off with a dynamic intro with slow verses that picks up pace and then drops a strong and powerful chorus. Young.K’s voice particularly shone in this track. Not just in “Better Better” but in all ‘EveryDay6’ tracks in general. Young.K seemed to be the member who excelled the most, not only with his raps in other songs but with his vocals as well. Therefore I personally feel that he is the most skilled singer of the band. The best part of the song is the chorus, with the first part overpowering the second one. It would have been better if the “higher higher higher baby” part was executed as strongly as the “better better better baby” parts but that’s just me nitpicking. This could have been a great title track in place of the next song. An amazing starter I would say!

Track 2 – I Like You (Title)

Listening to the clips from the teasers and album spoiler, I will be honest with how I feel. I was disappointed at how it sounded. I know it will be a good song, like every Day6 song, but if you have read my previous Day6 reviews, I wanted them to release a killer title track instead. Initially, I was disappointed but upon hearing the whole version of “I Like You” as well as the entire album, it made me realize that there wouldn’t be any other song that fits best the title track than the current one. It might not be the best song in the album, but it fits the concept the most and there are lots of reasons why it deserved to be the title track.

The song is chill and relaxing but it doesn’t lose Day6 signature rock elements. It was supposed to be a love song, confessing to someone you like, but I don’t know how Day6 made it such a song that even without understanding the lyrics, it still gives off a melancholic mood. The chorus was a very pleasant surprise and it managed to exceed my expectations, especially Jae’s parts. Listening to the song, I suddenly felt sad as this means that ‘EveryDay6’ will finally end.

The music video is very cute and heart fluttering. It shows a lady working in a cafe and a man, who seemed to be preparing for something. There isn’t an actual plot in the MV but it was just adorable. The man prepared a large inflatable heart with the words “I Like You” written and confessed his love to the lady, who seemed to be delighted. The boys also appeared in the MV from time to time and as usual, they look handsome. Honorable mention to Wonpil, though. He looked the most handsome and appealing as well!

“I Like You” was very pleasing. Great job boys!

Track 3 – What Can I Do?

EveryDay6 October Review

Just like the title … what can I do? DAY6 are just too good. “What Can I Do? boasts of a much more upbeat sound, with the rock elements that can be resemblance to songs of the early 70’s. DAY6 obviously experimented with their new single, and no longer to my surprise, they flawlessly executed yet another dive into a new genre. Compared to their other songs – excluding “I’m Serious” – “What Can I Do?” is more playful and is able to convey the freshness of five young men in their twenties. The bass and synthesizer (Brian and Wonpil) were worth mentioning, but of course everyone did a superb job.

It is no longer a secret that DAY6 is a group filled with capable vocalists, and this single is no exception in showcasing the boys’ vocal superiority. I personally love Wonpil’s voice the most in DAY6, however, this time Brian’s voice takes the cake for me. Though Sungjin is more known for his “scratchy” voice, Brian’s scratchy voice in the chorus is more satisfying and sexier if you understand me. Jae’s note at 2:51 though! Get it boy!

However, more surprising than the title track is definitely the music video. The MV features the boys in a school with a single female lead. The story was left rather open-ended and up to the creative imagination of the viewers. My perception is that Jae is best friends with the female lead. Dowoon is the school’s heartthrob that has no interest in anything. Brian is a loner and prefers to stay away from people. Sungjin likes the female lead but, much to his heartbreak, the girl fell for Brian. And lastly, our cutie cutie Wonpil pulled off a K.Will “Please Don’t” because he is actually in love with Sungjin and it hurts him to see Sungjin feeling heartbreak. In their V-App broadcast, Jae confirmed that Wonpil likes Sungjin in the MV but Wonpil kept insisting that such theory is of no truth, so cute!

Track 4 – I’ll Remember

EveryDay6 September Review

With this type of music, I’m not actually that much familiar. But with that intro, I already fell in love with it. The intro is very promising and I liked I’ll Remember as a whole. This song showcased their vocals more than the title track of EveryDay6 September but honestly, the boys don’t need to prove anything anymore at this point. The song gets dull at times but quickly keeps up with the pace when approaching the chorus. I really liked the chorus and the vintage approach of the song as whole.

Track 5 – Whatever!

EveryDay6 October Review

Whatever! is an equally good song as “What Can I Do?” The song is a tuned up Hi, Hello in terms of pace and harmonization. The transitions and the arrangement was much cleaner than the title, and the gradual buildup from the verse to the chorus was definitely worth it with such a banger and fulfilling chorus. The song is about having fun and living life as if there’s no tomorrow. “Today, let’s play!”

Track 6 – Be Lazy

Be Lazy” is a very playful and exciting song. If you won’t consider me weird, this is the sexiest Day6 song up to date. The entire song is very addictive and with the catchy hook of Wonpil’s repeated words, “Be lazy!” in his sexy hazy voice, the song will linger in your mind for quite a long time. This song is similar to one of their songs, “Like That Sun” in their debut album “The Day”. Compared to their other songs, this sounds idol-like and you can visualize it being a comeback track with a retro themed MV and groovy choreography.

Track 7 – Hi, Hello

Have you ever had a time where it’s already late at night and you want to sleep, but you just can’t? Or a time when you are studying for your exams but nothing ever goes into your mind? Or a time when you just want to relax yourself? I believe that music is like a medicine, and for the above situations, listening to “Hi, Hello” is a must. “Hi, Hello” is very light and pleasing to the ears. The boys’ angelic voices are accompanied by a peaceful instrumental and with Day6′ unmatched harmony and falsettos, “Hi, Hello” will help you find your inner peace.

Track 8 – I Loved You

EveryDay6 September Review

After EveryDay6 August’s energetic and funky track “What Can I Do?”, DAY6 brings back their inner mellow sides with a rock ballad, “I Loved You.” The song is simply beautiful. And by saying “simple”, I mean it. The song flows very softly and is far from being over-produced. The instrumental is chill and picks up the pace when the climax parts hits. It’s actually very simple, and I like it. It’s like “Hi, Hello” but a more rock and emotional version. There is not anything about the song that is exceptionally outstanding nor anything about the song that sticks out like a sore thumb. Creating a little spice into the simplicity of the song itself is the title. In K-Pop, the words “I Love You” is way more than common. However, the addition of the suffix ‘-ed’ into the word “love” made it intriguing. As the title suggests, the lyrics are about DAY6 talking to their past love interest. It may have been a two-way relationship, it could also have been an unrequited love. The particular lyric that hit me is the part in the chorus: “I want to hate you. But I hate you more because I can’t hate you.” The interpretation of the lyrics is always subjective anyways. The song of course featured the boys’ amazing voices and on-point harmonization.

The MV on the other hand, is a continuation of “What Can I Do?” In the prior music video, it had shown DAY6 as high school students with varying backgrounds and personalities. In the end of “What Can I Do?’s” music video, a twist was added that revealed the girl Sungjin likes is in fact attracted to Young.K and much more shocking is that Wonpil likes his best friend, Sungjin. In the MV of “I Loved You,” it tackled the same story, but with a more emotional approach. Jae is seen going to a cafe and has a crush on the barista. Dowoon is shown being a smart student who is also very popular. He is playing in the arcade as a man attempted to hit him, but Young.K took the impact instead.  However , initially, Dowoon did not seem to care when in fact he does (by giving Young.K medications). It also shown the cat-dog relationship of Young.K and the female lead. Now, for the stars of this MV, the Sungjin-Wonpil couple. Always together, the best friends rode a bus going home until they notice that the girl Sungjin likes went aboard the bus. I sort of hoped that when the girl left the vehicle, Sungjin will NOT go after her and notice that Wonpil got hurt by his actions. Meh, Sungjin still followed the missy and is now in front of her, face to face. By the end, Wonpil sees that Sungjin dropped a key chain and is seen holding it.

The MV’s story is really interesting because we rarely see puppy love of this type let alone a series like Day6′. Questions arise and the MV for “When You Love Someone” will be giving them answers!

Track 9 – When You Love Someone

EveryDay6 October Review

When You Love Someone is another slow track from Day6. They seem to have been taking a lot of interest in slow-paced songs, however, they never forget to keep them differing from each other. Their other songs like “Hi, Hello” and “I Loved You” and now when “You Love Someone,” all share the charm of them not being too fast and energetic, but there is a clear line that keeps them different. I must say, this song is a more mellow track – the type of song to be played in coffee shops if you get me. It sounds very sweet and the boys’ honey vocals did wonders again. The song flowed very smoothly and every second of the song is very chill and relaxing. Clearly my cup of music. According to Jae, this song is his favorite Day6 song to date and I think our tastes are similar.

The music video followed the plot of the first two music videos. However, this one is a prequel as well as a sequel to “I Loved You’s.” At the end of “I Loved You,” we can see Sungjin confronting the girl he likes and being face to face with her. The MV brings us three days before that incident and it gave us more clarifications and sheds light on the boys’ individual backgrounds. Dowoon, the popular guy, is seen preferring to be alone all the time in the first music videos. Here, it made us understand that he lacks the attention he needs from family hence he tends to be like that in school. Jae, who fell in love with the cafe barista was brought back to the first time he laid his eyes on her. Young.K was brought back to the picture and played a big role in the MV. After some mishaps, he and the main female character (Sungjin’s interest) spent time together and seemed to be very happy. Much to Sungjin’s heartbreak, he and Wonpil witnessed the two together and the frame brings us back to the confrontation scene.

“I have something to tell you. I like you. You don’t have to answer. I said it because I don’t want to regret (not telling you). Go in carefully.”

Aw, poor Sungjin. In the end, the best friends were seen together as Wonpil returns the keychain to Sungjin. Yay for team Wonpil!

Track 10 – All Alone

EveryDay6 November Release

Day6 already proved themselves to be a versatile band by expressing themselves in many different genres under EveryDay6 project. “All Alone” is a slow, relaxing song that showcases one of Day6’s strengths, which is their unmatched harmony. It is an acoustic type of song with the boys playing different instruments than usual. The beginning starts smoothly and ends on a good note. Vocals were amazing, but not powerful.

Realistically, All Alone is EveryDAY6’s most underwhelming track by far. By K-music standards, it’s an average slow song, but for DAY6’s standards, it’s a snooze-inducing track. I expected more, frankly speaking. Although All Alone is essentially good, the band could have chosen a better title song for EveryDay6’s November release.

A factor that could have affected the title track selecting process, is the chronology of their music videos. As we all know, their past three music videos followed a single storyline which featured DAY6 as students, with unrequited love, part time workers, and LGBT love. The MV for All Alone is very minimal, progressing from What Can I Do?’s MV up to When You Love Someone. The 5 boys are seen sitting on one bench playing their instruments while flashbacks of the previous MV appear on screen, summarizing the roller-coaster of emotions we felt upon each MV’s releases

Track 11 – Pouring

EveryDay6 November Release


Not to discredit to All Alone, that song is amazing, but Pouring is that killer title track that I had been waiting for. Pouring is a rock song with a Japanese vibe to it, in a good way. I’m not a huge anime fan, but Pouring is 100% an amazing choice for an anime theme song. The song starts with a subtle intro, a normal paced verse, with a catchy refrain building up to an extraordinary chorus! The instrumental is perfect, and the boys’ vocals do its wonders once again. I’m particularly captivated by Young.K’s voice in the chorus because that one single bit is phenomenal.

I really wish they had released it as a title track instead.

Track 12 – I Need Somebody

EveryDay6 October Review

I Need Somebody is a relatively new concept for Day6. I can’t get a grasp of the song’s genre, but the chorus resembles Linkin Park’s style in acoustic. If that made sense. “I Need Somebody” is too good to be a B-side. If anything, it could have been a next release because it’s just too amazing. In Day6′ discography, there is a song called “Colors” in their debut album, in which you can tell their feelings are the same. The song is low-key dark and the lyrics “Why am I alone?” adds more to it. I’m impressed yet again by how Day6 can execute a new style perfectly like this. I won’t mention their vocals because they are astounding as usual. I’ll be honest, I like this song a bit more although the title song’s vibe is more of my style.

Track 13 – I’ll Try

The final track of the digital version of Moonrise, “I’ll Try” is the ballad-est out of all their ballads. Starting with Wonpil’s honey-like vocals, every vocalist in the group has showed off their beautiful voices.  If you are an emotional and sentimental fan, listening to this song may induce some tears underneath your eyes. The lyrics are about accepting Day6 for who they are, and the reciprocity of Day6 accepting others for who they are as well. It may be emotional as it seems that Day6 are singing to their families, to their fans, or to their co-bandmates.

I can see “I’ll Try” as a drama OST too and it surely will be a great accompaniment to dramatic scenes. I love this song a lot despite preferring slow music. In general, this album is superb, amazing, extraordinary, absolutely phenomenal. Great job Day6!

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