Album Review: Fei – Fantasy

Release Date : 21.07.2016

Tracklist :

  1. Sweet Sexy Fei
  2. 괜찮아 괜찮아 Fantasy
  3. One More Kiss

Total Runtime: 00 : 10 : 31

Recommended for : say As, People who enjoy the distinctive ‘JYP’ sound and Dance pop admirers

NOT recommended for : Someone looking for their next hip hop obsession



Six years after their debut, JYPE has finally given a miss A member the opportunity to have the solo spot light on stage.  The intertwining of ambient atmospheric synths and dance pop presents Fei’s title track괜찮아 괜찮아 Fantasy.  Paired with the heart touching and melancholic ballad One More Kiss and the soulful RnB track Sweet Sexy Fei, these songs compose her digital single.


  1. Sweet Sexy Fei
    The song starts with the chirping of grasshoppers, before it’s cut off by the inserting of a tape into a cassette player, and in queues Fei’s delicate airy voice. One she uses throughout not only this track, but her title track as well. The finger snapping backtracks paired with drums, which is sometimes switched to a clapping backtrack, make the most predominant part of the soundtrack and adds an extra layer and dimension to the song.  The low rumbling bass lines and guitar rift, although for the most part goes unnoticed becomes a nice pleasant surprise.  It’s a classic RnB track that’s nice on the ears, but plays very much on the safe side.feicollage
  2. 괜찮아 괜찮아 Fantasy
    As Sweet Sexy Fei comes to an end, we’re introduced to괜찮아 괜찮아 the songs flow together so well and their vibes just kind of mesh together.  Fantasy is definitely the most complex of the three songs.  There are electric synths, electric drums, twisted variant of salsa beats, and inspiration from trance, Britpop and Eurodance.  It’s a very toned down, chilled EDM track.  However, there’s a uniqueness to the track that differentiates it from others in both the current mainstream Western and Korean music scene.  Fei’s voice is light and feathery in this track, adding to the overall airy sound of the song.feicollage2
  1. One More Kiss
    One More Kiss is your standard four instrument, Korean ballad. It very much reminds me of an OST.  There’s a very subtle hint of electric guitar rift at the climax, but it doesn’t stand out too much.  What makes this track my favourite, in the album, is actually Fei’s emotional delivery.  Fei isn’t your strongest K-pop vocalist, but the way she immerses herself in the song and the depth of her voice, makes it a relatively rare find in K-pop.

When it comes to composers, JYP is still one of the most respected ones out there, and he does not disappoint with the delivery of Fei’s album.  It’s a new approach for both him and Fei.  She proves that her hard word and determination does not go to vane by presenting us with the very beautiful single album.  Here’s to hoping this is just the first step into a better future for her.  If you enjoyed this album as much as I did, look out for her upcoming Chinese album.



– I’ve replayed the album more then 65 times… That pretty much says it all.



– album flowed well, each song led nicely into the next~



– It has your very typical JYP sound, but it’s still a very new genre that JYP has yet to fully explore.

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  • Sailor Mars

    I listened to this album but I would be lying if I said I remembered what each song sounded like. I liked Fei’s visuals in the title track music video! Thanks for your review, Alison!

    • Alisonn

      Thanks for reading~~~ She looked nice in the music video, but I still think she’s prettier with darker hair~