Album Review: GFRIEND – Snowflake

Release Date : 24 January 2016

Tracklist :
01. INTRO (Snowflake)
02. 시간을 달려서 (Rough)
03. 내 이름을 불러줘 (Say my name)
04. 사랑별 (Luv Star)
05. 그런 날엔 (Someday)
07. 시간을 달려서 (Inst.)

Total Runtime: 00 : 21 : 50

Recommended for : Those who love melodic, catchy tunes that would not mind getting earworms with / Buddies

NOT recommended for : Those who shy away from familiarity / Prefer Hip-Hop or other genres

The six girls of GFriend are back following a very successful rookie year with ‘Snowflake’. With the momentum they have achieved, GFRIEND will be completing their schoolgirl concept that started with last year’s ‘Season of Glass’. The future looks bright so far after ‘Rough’ debuted in the #2 spot on Melon. Will they be able to keep up with their success and gain more fans? Only time will tell.

Intro (Snowflake)

A hauntingly beautiful melody that sets your heart racing the first time you hear it, bracing yourself for the subsequent tracks in the album. Little previews of their title track, ‘Rough’ is included near the end of the intro. A great way to start off the album!

Rough + Instrumental

The song started off at a faster beat than I had expected since it was supposed to be a sad song. The melody and tempo had a lot of J-pop qualities in it which will capture everyone’s attention after the first listen. The chorus was great but it did not have the same catchiness as their previous title tracks for me, especially in the beginning. The instrumentals of this song however was incredible and carried the song well throughout, which also saved the chorus. I expected no less in the vocal department. It was easy to hum and listen to the song. With the absence of a rap, the guitar solo in ‘Rough’ was the perfect replacement. It felt like it ended too quickly despite being a song that lasted around 3 minutes. GFRIEND had success with their previous title tracks and it is not a surprise that ‘Rough’ was similar to them. Kudos to the composers however for being able to create a song that had equal, if not better quality than the previous title tracks.

Say My Name

A song that is easy on the ears. It had a fun 90s feel to it at the start and the verses were smooth. The chorus is really catchy for me though, which makes the whole song in my opinion. Their vocals shine and you’ll find yourself singing along. ‘Say My Name’ is rather mild compared to the other songs in the album, but it’s still a good song that I recommend in anyone’s playlist.

Luv Star

One of my favourites in the album, the song started off with background sounds you’ll hear in school. A familiar GFRIEND-esque beginning then hits you like a truck and you’ll find yourself dancing like Yerin in Running Man. Another song that anyone will be happy to hum or sing along to when they’re alone. Luv Star had great vocals throughout accompanied with awesome instrumentals in between. This too had some J-pop elements in it. The abrupt ending made it seem like the song ended too quickly as well and you will find yourself wanting more.


In ‘Someday’, a soothing ballad-like beginning surprisingly turns into the familiar fast paced rhythm that fans have come to know and love in GFRIEND, followed by a short and sweet guitar solo. The instrumentals in the album have been impressing me and this was no exception. Similar to the previous tracks in the album, vocals were smooth and great. The Yoohoos in the chorus are extremely catchy. Along with a few impressive high notes, the song ended with yet another sweet guitar solo.


Starting off like any other ballad, a sweet gentle voice slowly caresses the song that will make you sway your head from side to side. It was calm and soothing throughout, especially the chorus. Yuju’s wonderful high notes was the climax of the song, followed by a few guitar chord pickings at the end. A great ballad to listen to every night and one to end the album nicely.

Overall, the album is a great reminder that GFriend is indeed a super rookie. They have managed to find their own sound despite the similar concepts compared to other notable groups, and are putting it into good use in their latest mini-album. I may not be a fan of them, but you have to admit that their songs are really good. Hopefully, their new concept in the future brings them similar success!


Replayability – GREEN!

Will replay the whole album whenever I can~ 

Cohesiveness – GREEN!

Very smooth flow throughout the album. 

Originality – YELLOW!

While they had their own sound and the songs were great, it is still similar to other K-pop girl groups with the same innocent concept.

Avid reader, Twice fan. Ketchup General of the Mina brigade.

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