Album Review: GOT7 – 7 for 7

Release date: October 10, 2017


  1. Moon U
  2. Teenager
  3. You Are
  4. Firework
  5. Remember You
  6. To Me
  7. Face

Total runtime: 00:24:28

Recommended for: Ahgase (GOT7 Fans), those who are into the mature side of GOT7 in contrast to their previous A and Just Right concept, people who needs a confident boost and a cheer up!

Not Recommended for: Complete opposite of the people said above, those who like bubbly songs

8 months after the release of the last album of their ‘Flight Log’ trilogy, GOT7 raises anticipation for their comeback with new album 7 for 7. During those 8 months, things weren’t as fine for GOT7 fans but with this new album they proved to be as solid as the family that they are. 7 members, 7 tracks, 7th mini album. In this EP, we are also able to see the members venturing into their different sides as songwriters, composers, and lyricists. 7 for 7, let’s see if we will truly be able to see the power of GOT7 as a whole.

Track #1 – Moon U

First up in the 7 for 7 experience is “Moon U“. As GOT7 are not just idols anymore, we are able to see Youngjae, under his producer name “Ars”, as a co-lyricist and co-composer of this song. Bambam also helped with the lyrics of Moon U. Like other Youngjae songs, it’s not the most upbeat track in the album. It has elements of R&B, which I think really fits the main vocals’ voices, or maybe GOT7 in general. It went smooth from start to finish. I like it!

Track #2 – Teenager

Next is the lively and youthful “Teenager“. Just like the title suggests, it exudes the excitement and energy at the level of a teenager’s. GOT7’s leader, JB, under his producer name “Defsoul”, co-written and co-composed the song. As GOT7’s music progresses, they lose their Girls Girls Girls-esque vibe, and in this song, we can see a glimpse of GOT7 in their early days. Personally, I like the verses, and I love the pre-chorus. The pre-chorus suggests an explosive, exciting, upbeat chorus, that eventually did not happen. It is good but it could have had a better chorus, the chorus would have been better if it was a total hip-hop song.

Track #3 – You Are (TITLE)

For the album’s lead single, GOT7 brings a fresh experience with “You Are“. This is the first time GOT7 had a title song written and composed by a member. “You Are”, like “Teenager” is co-written and co-composed by the group’s leader, JB/Defsoul. The song is not as upbeat as GOT7’s previous title tracks, and has elements resemblant to tropical house. It starts with a beautiful intro, with an addicting synth. The verses are slow and progresses to a pre-chorus almost at the same pace. Then the chorus comes bursting with freshness and sunshine! Honestly, the chorus is the best part of the song, and aside from it, everything could have been better. The verses are fine but it may get dull and boring as it goes to the pre-chorus. However, residing disappointments will come to an end upon hearing the beautiful chorus. Without reading the lyrics, the song has a very hopeful feel into it, a perfect song to listen to at times of despair and sadness.

Compared to their previous lead singles, “You Are” is slightly different. Rather than feeling a GOT7 song, it exuded more of a JJ Project “Verse 2”. The latter album has a very mature sound, which only means GOT7’s music is progressing from playful boys into mature men.

As for the MV, it was shot in Hong Kong. I really loved the colors in the music video. Just like the song, it is very light and refreshing. Truly a fitting music video to “You Are”. At first, we can see the members apart from each other holding their own necklaces which are puzzle pieces. The mood of the earlier cuts are dark and melancholic. As the music video goes on, the members starts to group into twos and appears to be more uplifted than the first cuts. In the end, the boys become complete as 7 into a paradise-like setting as they complete the puzzle forming the logo of GOT7. It can be interpreted as them being the missing pieces of each other and they will only be complete as 7, like the album suggests. Great message delivered by an aesthetically pleasing MV. Best part: Youngjae’s sunshine smile in the 2nd chorus!

Track #4 – Firework

One of my favorite songs in the album, “Firework“, wherein Jinyoung is a co-composer and co-songwriter. It is slow, but not much enough to be a pop-ballad. It starts with Mark’s angelic singing voice. A scene may be familiar to GOT7 fans, where Jinyoung strictly made Mark repeat his lines over and over again during the recording process. “Firework” is an all-vocals song, making the rappers sing as well. Very smooth and soothing.

Track #5 – Remember You

MY FAVORITE SONG IN THE ALBUM!!! Props to Bambam for participating in the composing and songwriting of “Remember You“. As the album doesn’t have any ballad song, this is the closest we can get to it. The piano in “Remember You” is very beautiful, and the instrumental of the song in general is very simple. Not much over-produced, and that is a plus. The vocal line’s voices captivates the listeners with their extraordinary vocals. We can totally see Yugyeom’s growth as a vocalist in this song. Special mention to Youngjae, and his beautiful part on the chorus. That high note is so pleasing to the ears! The rappers did an amazing job too. The song is very chill, but sad and emotional too.

Track #6 – To Me

To Me” is probably the most interesting song in the album. But i’m not sure if that is a negative or positive remark. This song is solely written and co-composed by their youngest member, Yugyeom. “To Me” has Latin elements which are evident in the song. Groovy, but not that much exciting of a song. It’s a good track but it could have been better as a whole. UPDATE: it gets better as you listen to it, it’s actually addicting!

Track #7 – Face

Based on the highlight medley, I already knew I would like “Face“. It’s not a sound you would expect from GOT7, and I meant that in a positive way. I think it has been influenced by Western music, but still it had the GOT7 sound. If there will be a song to replace “You Are” as the title, “Face” is the strongest candidate. Everything just falls perfectly into place. The vocalists shined brighter than the sun! Youngjae and JB with the chorus. Jinyoung with the emotional pre-chorus. And Yugyeom with his solo bridge. The rapper line also sang a soft rap verse that truly fits the song. Exciting, but not in a playful or youthful way, but like “You Are”, it has a hopeful vibe to it. Warning: beware of a wild “Damn” from an Im Jaebum, it may drive you crazy!

Review overview
Summary They did live up to the expectation of releasing a good album, but not enough to outdo their past works. Though it's quite commendable that GOT7 are becoming not just idols but complete musicians, they still have a lot of room for growth. The best song in the album is "Face" in my opinion. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole EP. Congrats for a job well done, and I look forward to the further advancement of GOT7's music!
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