Album Review: GOT7 – Flight Log: Arrival

Release Date: March 13, 2017


  1. “Never Ever”
  2. “Shopping Mall”
  3. “Paradise”
  4. “Sign”
  5. “Go Higher”
  6. “Q”
  7. “양심없이 (Don’t care)”
  8. “Out”

Total Runtime: 00:26: 59

Recommended For: People with a taste for tropical house and dance music.

Not Recommended For: Anyone who is not fond of rap or dance music.

Finally completing their “Flight Log” series, the seven charming members of boy group GOT7 give us a tropical house-inspired title track, accompanies by an album that relies heavily on rap and hip hop.

Track Review:

Title Track: “Never Ever”

The album’s title track follows the tropical house trend that has taken over the west and has also been displayed by other K-pop groups. The vocals are blended well but they collide with the rapping styles of Mark and Jackson. The mixing behind the track only makes matters worse and the chorus is distorted and rather removed from the well constructed verses. Although it was not a bad attempt at the tropic house trend, the song’s production leaves much to be desired.

Track 2: “Shopping Mall”

The beginning of this song has a bit of an early 2000’s R’n’B feel; like something old American R’n’B fans would expect from Ja-Rule and Ashanti. “Shopping Mall” has more trap influences in it and the backing track is pretty solid. Unlike the title track, it is well produced and the piano and drum effects are very well blended with the rap and vocals. This is definitely a catchier hook than “Never Ever” and easier to sing along to!

Track 3: “Paradise”

This is another song with tropic house influence. However, “Paradise” does what “Never Ever” fails to do, and that is provide a well constructed track. The chorus is well placed with the rest of the verses and there are no unnecessary jumps between music styles. The biggest surprise with this track is Jackson’s improved rapping. His style, unlike a forced growl like previous GOT7 songs, has a more melodious feel to it. Quite surprisingly, the rap line makes this song worth the listen!

Track 4: “Sign”

The first transition into the chorus is reminiscent to the messy mixing of “Never Ever”, but the rest of the song more than makes up for it. “Sign” has a trap and r’n’b feel to it, with the piano style that is so common in the genre. This is a song for the vocal line to shine, as the highlight remains to be the vocal harmonies in the chorus.

Track 5: “Go Higher”

The true dance track of the album, “Go Higher” is not as memorable as the previous tracks. It has jumps between EDM and trap too often and the rap does not help much. The attempt to capitalize GOT7 as a hip hop group with this track fell flat, and in return, it is one of the weaker tracks in the album.

Track 6: “Q”

The beginning of “Q” is a deceiver. However, it picks up to be a rather nice ‘coffee house’ r’n’b song. The rap is definitely the best it has been for the entire album. Transitions from the sung verses and the rap parts are, overall, better constructed here. Although it is an enjoyable song, it is nothing special.

Track 7: “양심없이 (Don’t care)”

When GOT7 decides to harmonize, they harmonize well! The rappers join the vocal line with the harmonies, which is a good break from the rap heavy album. The chorus is the highlight of this song, for that is when the vocals and production value are at their peak. Unfortunately, the song is rather forgettable and not as enticing as their other slower tracks.

Track 8: “Out”

“Out” is reminiscent of “Hard Carry” and is more hard hitting than many songs on this album. The mixing for this song relies heavily on trap, but there are some weird jumps between the verses and the chorus. The vocals could have compensated for the song, but they are not integrated into the song as well as they could be.

Review overview
Summary This album is cohesive in the sense that it sticks mainly with rap, trap and tropical house. However, some of the tracks lack good production value and the vocals are not as heavily featured as they should be. GOT7 is a performance group, not a rap group, and this album highlights some of their weaknesses instead of their strengths.
✿ The Prince will now have the power of the Black Panther stripped away! ✿

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