Album Review: Oh My Girl – Coloring Book

oh my girl coloring book album cover

Release Date: April 3, 2017


  1. 컬러링북 (Coloring Book)
  2. Real World
  3. Agit
  4. In My Dreams
  5. Perfect Day

Total Runtime: 0:15:50

Recommended for: Those who love modern music with mix tempo and experimental blend of instrumentals, also Miracles.

NOT recommended for: Those who only listens or download title track for the sake of keeping oneself up to date.

Oh My Girl is back with their fifth (5th) extended play “Coloring Book”, continuing their spell of delivering high quality tracks for K-Pop fans and Miracles to cherish and enjoy. Coloring book, including a title track of the same name, is consists of five new (5) tracks.

Track Review:

Track 1 – 컬러링북 (Coloring Book)

Coloring Book is a convoluted version of Cupid that left you wondering when will this song actually ends while trying to identify which parts are verses and chorus. This is mainly because we are unsure whether there’s even a bridge to connect the verse(s) with the chorus, commonly used formula in most pop songs. If there is a bridge, why does it still sounds bland and disjointed at the same time? Luckily, the instrumental has Oh My Girl’s usual flavor of funky and vibrant beats. But this time, way more upbeat. Unnecessary even.

Coloring Book is a Broadway-esque track that is forced to subdue its creative potential and is created under pressure due to political turbulence. Too much of similar color(s) in one go. Although, it is not entirely bad considering there are four (warning: spoiler!) better b-sides left for us to discover.

Track 2 – Real World

The moment when the riff starts playing and pacing at mid-tempo, you know you’re going to love it. After listening to the title track, Real World provides a nice change of pace. There’s no need to go deep with this one, the formula is simple and intuitive but good enough for us to hit the replay button.

Track 3 – Agit

Let me get this straight, I really like this song. A typical b-side from a K-Pop girl group but I want to emphasize that it is not bad by default for being “typical”. Typical itself can mean anything, subject to change and is different to each individual. But one thing that is not typical about Agit is that just how perfectly tuned their harmonized vocals are with the track’s instrumental. Basic but enjoyable. Again, basic doesn’t means it is bad! Gosh~

Track 4 – In My Dreams

By now you would’ve realized that the tempo is decreasing as we listen to each track, and In My Dreams is the slowest of all. Their beautiful and sweet vocals, added with its slow tempo will send you to Dreamland right away, at Starbucks.

Track 5 – Perfect Day

Perfect Day reminds me of prime Kelly Clarkson, or other Western pop songs from early 2000s (no not Nelly Furtado). Not that surprising since most of Oh My Girl’s tracks are masterminded by composers from the West. Anyway, the last track of this extended play is also a perfect theme song for high school teenage drama.

Oh wait, the verses reminds me of Backstreet Boys too. How about that, a good mix of late 90s and early 2000s and voilà you got yourself a Perfect Day!


Review overview
Summary Oh My Girl once again provides us with new quality tracks but the title track itself, Coloring Book begs to differ. Despite its relatively substandard title track, the b-sides are good enough to compensate the weak link. All in all, I enjoyed listening to Coloring Book (the album) and Oh My Girl always deliver (this time, not really).

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