Album Review: RaNia Demonstrate

RaNia is back, back, back—and hopefully this time around, they’ll be here to stay~!

DR Music’s girl group, RaNia, has catapulted their way out of the dark and murky black hole commonly known as ‘ the dreaded hiatus’ after two years and eight months, once again gracing Kpop with the same bold and edgy presence they debuted with. These dynamite ladies return stronger than ever as six, which includes the fresh new faces of Seulji, Hyeme and the newest addition to the group, rapper Alexandra Reid. Alex has stirred up quite a buzz since she was first announced as an official member of RaNia, making kpop history as the first African American female to join a Korean girl group. Though she’s only featured on the title track, Alex still manages to make an unforgettable impression, reminding us even further that Rania is back, baby!


Let’s get it started, yo!~


  1. Demonstrate

There’s nothing like kicking off a mini album with a powerful punch and ‘Demonstrate’ does just that. From the strong, hard-hitting sound throughout the structure of the song right down to the outstanding vocals leading you onward to the exhilarating climax, ‘Demonstrate’ delivers just what one needs to get up and dance. The uniqueness each member brings to the table is hard to miss. They certainly knew what they were doing when putting together this gem. It’s nearly impossible to dislike this song. Honestly, it’s that good!

Replay percentage: 95%


  1. Hello

RaNia slows things down just a tad with this soft yet powerful track. The general melody is pleasing to the eardrums and draws you in from the very start. The beautiful harmonies from RaNia as a whole are enough to satisfy even the pickiest of vocal critics, leaving you craving for more. The overall charm stems from the song’s chorus with RaNia chanting ‘Hello’ along with a few other lines strewn in between. If you’re in the mood for a simple love song that keeps on giving, ‘Hello’ is certainly for you.

Replay percentage: 95%


  1. Get out

This track is hot! Like straight out the oven, drop the pan then nurse your wounds immediately afterward—hot. Straight fire! ‘Get Out’ slaps you right across the face from the very first second it starts with a hypnotic electronic beat that’ll keep you bopping till the very end. EDM beats such as this one, are quite common these days in music, especially in mainstream, but it’s executed tastefully in a way that sets it apart from any other typical electronic beats. I don’t see how anyone can’t enjoy this song, RaNia doesn’t give us a reason not to.

Replay percentage: 100%


  1. Up

Get ready to jump way ‘Up’ through the ceiling with this lit dance track. RaNia wastes no time launching you straight in with a flavorful and funky tempo that hits all the right spots and never stops. Some might argument that’s it’s a bit too auto-tuned but in my opinion, I find the rhythm to be appropriate with the fluctuation of vocals each girl provides. Yes, the autotune is noticeable but not overwhelming to the point where you can’t enjoy the song. Catchy and addictive as heck, I’d be surprised if there was a single person who doesn’t replay this song at least once. ‘Up’ is hands down my favorite song on the entire mini!

Replay percentage: Over 9000


  1. Demonstrate (Rap Version)

This version of ‘Demonstrate’ includes RaNia’s new rapper, Alex, and is also the title track version they are currently promoting. It’s exactly the same as the previous version with the only difference being Alex’s rap inserts. The diva starts us off with a fierce and catchy rap that flows into the first verse perfectly then flawlessly strings in a few more lines in towards the middle right before the climax. I personally find this version superior to the other due to the fact that Alex brings that spicy little something that seems to be missing from the original. I think it’s safe to say, ‘Demonstrate’ wouldn’t be the same without her~

Replay percentage: HOT


Please kpoppers, let’s not sleep on these girls any longer. All the hard work injected in this comeback is more than apparent. RaNia is well deserving of the recognition and success they need to leap out of that blasted nugu cave and into our iTunes library. Go ahead and give this mini a listen, I swear you won’t regret it.


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