Album Review: Roy Kim’s Blooming Season

Release Date: May 16, 2017

Track List:
1. 이기주의보 (Egoist)
2. 예뻐서 그래 (It’s Because You’re Pretty)
3. 문득 (Suddenly)
4. 근데 넌 (But You)
5. Have You Imagined
6. Heaven (Solo ver.)

Total Runtime: 00: 22 : 45

Recommended for: Acoustic and ballad lovers

NOT recommended for: Listeners who are into more upbeat tracks

Talented soloist Roy Kim transforms into a flower boy for his first album in almost two years, Blooming Season.

With five new tracks and one special version of a popular OST, there are plenty of pleasant tunes and polished vocals to listen to.


Track 1 -이기주의보 (Egoist)

Roy Kim’s Blooming Season begins with a familiar guitar tune before snippets of one-beat notes played on an electronic keyboard. Following the intro, the beat quickens in the first verse where Roy adopts a chilled approach to his vocals. The chorus features a sweet delivery of vocals, highlighted by a nice touch of head voice. “Egoist” is taken to new heights in the bridge where the beat drops and Roy does a series of “uh-oh-uh” runs, which hits the right feels. This catchy spring track wraps up on a happy note with the final chorus.

Track 2 – 예뻐서 그래 (It’s Because You’re Pretty)
A blossoming string and guitar instrumental sets the tone of the song from the get go. Roy’s soothing vocals in the first verse is as fresh as a morning breeze. In the chorus, mini transitions into falsetto add an even more delicate touch. The intensity gradually grows with a faster instrumental, but the vocals remain in the same range. “It’s Because You’re Pretty” finishes with several calls of “Let’s go” and escape to another little world of romance.

Title Track/Track 3 -문득 (Suddenly )

“Suddenly” is a chilled, acoustic track with a familiar sound that Roy goes for. It’s best suited for a laid-back afternoon. The first verse features a few clicks and a free-flowing guitar accompanied by Roy’s comfortable chest register. In the chorus, the sincerity can be heard in Roy’s vocals especially in the line, “Let’s be happy.” The snippets of violin also add a lovely touch. Roy’s chilled vibe is consistent throughout the song. A lengthy, smooth trumpet solo concludes the track.

Track 4 -근데 넌 (But You)
A graceful set of harmonies and a radio-tuned call by Roy starts the song. The upbeat instrumental sets the catchy and fun tone from the start. In the chorus, Roy does a few blissful ‘Ooh-uh-uh-ah’ adlibs and transitions into his head voice. The chorus ends with Roy’s sweet calls of “Oh, maybe tonight”. Roy slows the mood down in the bridge while a sentimental piano tune is introduced. “But You” wraps up nearly with the final chorus, which is highlighted by lovely background vocals.

Track 5 – Have You Imagined
This is a classic ballad where Roy’s baritone sound shines the brightest. An elegant combination of piano and strings kicks off the song. Roy adopts a sincere approach to the heartfelt lyrics in the first verse. The chorus becomes more emotional with a deep and dramatic instrumental. In the highlight bridge, Roy delivers glorious adlibs in his head voice, which captures a surreal atmosphere. The song finishes with several, quiet pleas of “Have You Imagined”.

Track 6 – Heaven (Solo ver.)
The final track of Blooming Season is a solo version of Roy’s duet with Kim EZ for the hit drama Goblin’s soundtrack. A dreamy instrumental kicks off the ballad. The mood settles down in the first verse, which features a soft piano tune and Roy’s mellow vocals. In the chorus, Roy pours out his feelings especially in the lines, “Heaven is in your eyes” and “Heaven is in your kiss, even the tears fall down”. The nostalgic Goblin feels and withdrawals continue in the bridge, where Roy increases his passion and intensity. “Heaven” concludes on a heartwarming chorus.


Review overview
Summary Throughout Roy Kim’s four-year career, his releases have been original and consistently of a high quality. Blooming Season is not an exception as it taps into new territory, such as the pop-influenced “Egoist” and “But You” but also keeping to Roy’s strengths. One true highlight of the album is the wholehearted feeling that each song brings. From sincere lyrics to touching instrumentals, the dedication and hard work is evident. There is barely anything to critique here other than perhaps the similarities to his previous works in the second half of the mini-album. Overall, Blooming Season is another gorgeous release by Roy Kim.
OH!Press' resident journo

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