Album Review: Run to BTS

The hard-hitting boys of BTS have returned with Part Two of their ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life’ album, headlined by the exhilarating title track ‘Run’!

Nine brand new tracks showcasing Bangtan style hip-hop, it is the perfect sequel to the soothing and heartwarming numbers in Part One.

From powerfully dynamic tracks to relaxing medium-tempo songs that only BTS can produce, the album has some of the group’s best music yet.

‘Run’ Review


Haunting and deadly sounds in darkness surrounds the beginning of the music video. A dark figure appears out of nowhere, collapses on his back causing water to splash as the man falls into the drown. It is a shivering start. Suddenly, a guy is enters the frame and he’s holding a glass of Americano and dropping an ice cube inside. The guy wearing an army jacket with the Americano in one hand and a bandaged one on the other is BTS’ charismatic leader Rap Monster! Rap Monster carries a smug look with a lollipop in his mouth as he walks out of his shed. He dips his lollipop into his coffee like it is completely normal.

The song finally begins with a dramatic entrance of a heavy electric ensemble. Birds are flying in the misty sky. Rap Monster walks along some old train tracks, ditches his cup of candy caffeine and then knocks on one of the carts. An orange-haired Jimin and a giddy J-Hope leads him into their crib. Brainy V and flawless PD Jin join in on the fun. The boys start busting out their moves as the reckless party kicks off. Pranks are on the agenda and V simply did not want to miss out. He pushes Jin onto the wall and spray paints the pretty boy’s body. Fast forward and we see Rap Mon observing his V working some spray paint magic before the cops arrive and they run off. We go back into the crib and see the boys gathered around Jin brooding his way to form a pyramid with cards. V spoils the masterpiece causing Jin to give a ‘meh’ look and pulling out the ‘hand tuck in neck’ choreo from ‘I Need U’. The chorus cuts back and forth with the boys running for their lives, drowning themselves in the sea. The cops catch Rap Monster and V, while J-Hope and Jimin get admitted to a mental hospital together.

The boys flash back into the crib for a pillow fight, before drunken aqua boy Suga starts trashing the place despite cutie Jungkook trying to hold him back. Suga throws Jungkook to the wall but Jungkook had enough of his shit and punches him. Ouch. Suga reacts and shoves a wooden chair into the wall, which destroys Jin’s pyramid next door. Jin just ponders at the fall and musters a mysterious stare.

The chorus resurfaces with the boys partying again. But it’s actually a wounded Jungkook’s hallucination as he thinks to himself ‘where did all the fun go’. OT7 start to run all over the place, including a little photo booth where they goofily take a snap. Things start to slow down, as the boys are no longer running but sleeping in peace. Then we see a flock of birds from the beginning start to fly again. Jimin, Suga, Jungkook and J-Hope look up to the sky with a hint of sadness. After some reflecting time the boys are back to trouble again. Jungkook sits on top of a black trailer blocking the exit for an array of black cars. The boys scream like lunatics and start vandalizing everyone’s cars. Once they’re done they start running after their trailer that Jin is driving. Back into the crib and Jimin wakes up and walks into his bathroom only to see the rest of the boys still partying. He gets thrown into his bathtub filled with water. The scenes cut back and forth to more running, drowning and hot angst-y expressions. The video ends with the boys walking along a road and Jungkook giving us one last dangerous smirk.

Overall, the MV was fast-paced and it felt like it was too choppy with all the juxtaposition. The song is definitely a jam that still holds BTS’ signature sound of edgy rap with refreshing vocals. This will be yet another hit for the boys.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Track 1 – ‘INTRO: Never Mind’

Introductory tracks are usually a hit or miss. ‘Never Mind’ begins with fans screaming at a concert before it is Suga’s time to shine. Suga starts off rather coolly, but eventually lets out all his passion and he even gave a casual “I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck”. The chorus explodes out of the gates as the boys yell “Never Mind” several times interchanging with lines from the rappers. The song finishes with Suga rapping to a longing piano tune.

Verdict: 3.5/5

Track 3 – ‘Butterfly’

This song certainly brings butterflies to our insides. Main vocalist Jungkook uses a breathier tone to lead the first verse and it accompanies the acoustic strings beautifully. V’s vividly sings his way to the chorus. Jungkook returns with a soft falsetto. Jimin follows suit, also using a pretty falsetto. The tempo builds into the chorus, where Jungkook bursts out with his emotional vocals. Jimin sings with his heart before Jungkook and V blissfully ends the chorus. Suga uses some sing-rap in the second verse to great effect. J-hope also uses his raspy voice to sing and rap, leading into the chorus. Jin finally makes a short appearance before Jungkook and V carry out the chorus. Rap Monster explodes into our ears and lets out his message. The final chorus begins with Jungkook and some high-pitched adlibs from Jimin. V repeats his lines from the previous chorus. Jimin and Jin’s heavenly voices conclude a very divine song.

Verdict: 4.5/5

Track 4 – ‘Whalien 52’
‘Whaelien 52’ begins strongly with Rap Monster rapping, Jungkook chiming in some swift adlibs and crashing instrumental. Suga dominates the first verse, highlighted by another f-bomb. Suga ain’t holding back this album and it’s fucking fantastic. Vocalist V breaks up the rap and smoothly sings to end the verse. Jungkook and V sing about a lonely whale in the chorus. Jimin cries, “no more baby” and Rap Monster replies with a few auto tuned lines. Jin follows suit as Rap Monster concludes the chorus. Fresh and raw like jellyfish J-Hope delivers a commanding rap. Jungkook finishes the verse. Jimin leads the chorus followed by Jungkook again. The bridge is where Rap Monster steals the show. The ending chorus features Jungkook and Jimin, who both exchange a few nice harmonies and falsetto moments.

Verdict: 4/5

Track 5 – ‘Ma City’
It’s a song solely focused on the rap line and they certainly brought their A-game. Jungkook makes a dramatic start with his high notes. Rap Monster is first up and uses a funkier rap than usual. Jimin, V and Jin end the verse rather wildly. BTS invite fans to “Come to ma city” in the chorus. Jungkook grooves his way to end it. The second verse features an aggressive rap from the leader. J-Hope raps like he’s a crazy dog before Jimin, V and Jin finish the cool verse the same as the previous. Jungkook and Jin sing the second chorus. Swagalicious Suga working overtime and raps like it’s a walk in the park. The final chorus only features Jungkook and some common Jimin screaming. Rap Monster comes in for some reckless rap. V finishes the song with a cheeky line accompanied by adlibs from Jungkook.

Verdict: 3/5

Track 6 –‘뱁새’
A circus-like instrumental with a cheeky vibe teases us to what is a hip-hop bop. Rap Monster exclaims from the top, “They call me baepsae” which means try-hard. This indicates the song is going to be a punchy, rap-centric number. Suga and J-Hope follows the leader with their own rough raps. They really emphasised the try-hard parts, giving off an IDGAF feel. Rap Monster returns rhythmically and ends each of his lines with a punch. V delivers his lines with some rugged vocals. Then Jin wraps up the verse with some edge to his usually sweet tone. The chorus features Jungkook singing half a line and Jimin finishing the other half. They both applied their lower register here to form a more rebellious sound. BTS’ rap line takes over the second verse in similar fashion to the first. V and Jungkook lead into the chorus where Jimin sings with V this time. Suga reminds us that people call them try-hards before J-Hope finishes off with his refreshing rap.

Verdict: 3/5

Track 7 – ‘SKIT: One night in a strange city’
These little skits on BTS’ albums can be quite interesting. They aren’t exactly songs but act as fillers in an album like a coffee break. This skit in particular features a conversation amongst the members. Overall, it’s just a few minutes where we get to hear the dorks talk. It does not hold much value and probably would be an automatic skip for most.

Verdict: 1/5

Track 8 –‘고엽’

‘고엽’ is one of the stronger tracks on the album. Heavy electronica and clicks of the fingers kick in before Jin sings with his breathy vocals. Jungkook then conveys his neediness as Suga comes in with a lengthy rap. He does it so sexily and casually here, showing his versatility once again. Jungkook and Jimin head the chorus very nicely, adding a bit of power on the ‘wonhae’. V adds a touch of desperation as Jungkook resurfaces and serenades for his ‘baby girl’. Jin makes a short cameo before Jungkook ends the chorus. The second verse features the deep, husky singing voice of Rap Monster before he starts to rap again. His part really captures the feels like no other. V tells us to ‘never fall’ with his low tone. Jimin then leads the second chorus, while Jungkook and Jin combine their smooth vocals. The bridge is the highlight of the song. V truly delivers this part as he utilises his emotional voice that tugs onto the heartstrings. J-Hope suddenly explodes with his rap, pouring out all the energy’s he’s got. Jungkook leads the last chorus with even more intensity and power. V also ramps up on the emotion. Jungkook steals the show once again, with some quiet adlibs from Jimin in the background. The song concludes finishes with V softly singing to a bittersweet piano melody.

Verdict: 4.5/5

Track 8 – ‘OUTRO: House of Cards’
Outros are usually some of the finest tracks on BTS’ albums. The fantastic track record has continued with ‘House of Cards’, where the vocal line struts their magic. Mysterious instrumental starts the ballad, leaving us intrigued for more. As the instrumental transitioned from mezzo piano to forte, things gradually grow more dramatically. Jungkook’s voice is the first to enter, giving off a lustful feeling. V comes in and it lures us to the dark side. Jimin sexily teases with his higher pitched lines. Jin pleas ‘no way, no way’ before Jungkook leads the chorus. V uses his longing falsetto, Jungkook likewise in agony. The sounds of the piano become darker and more delicate. The bridge features Jungkook and Jimin harmonizing with each other. Jimin and Jin flawlessly sing the pre-chorus. Jungkook and V end the song with a strong impact, accompanied by Jimin’s subtle adlibs.

Verdict: 4/5

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