Album Review: Spring Falling by Yesung

Release Date : 18 April 2017

Tracklist :

01 봄날의 소나기 (Paper Umbrella)
02 겨울잠 (Hibernation)
03 그대뿐인지 (All But You)
04 Fly (번지점프)
05 그때로 (At the Time) (Feat. 규현)
06 비눗방울 (So Close Yet So Far)

Total Runtime : 23 mins

Recommended for : Fans of Yesung, ballads or Elfs!

NOT recommended for : Those who dislike listening to slow, slightly monotonous songs

1. 봄날의 소나기 (Paper Umbrella)

Yesung did it again! I was amazed by how his sweet-soothing voice had made the song sound ten times more enriching and beautiful! Yesung has also skillfully showcased his vocals and professionally leveled out with the melody of the music. The title ‘Paper Umbrella’ is rather juxtaposed as ‘paper’ is thin and flimsy while ‘umbrella’ is strong and has a protective measure. It was therefore shown in the bittersweet video, where the use of an umbrella is seen in almost every second of the video, perhaps to show that love is not easy as it seem to be and when you are falling apart , it will tear like a paper.

It is definitely a refreshing song to listen so definitely check it out!

2. 겨울잠 (Hibernation)

This was a pre-released track (with a music video as well, way to go Label SJ!) and I am totally in love with this song! I feel that this song is just right, not too overly cringe or boring and it is definitely worth listening to. This is rather a light-hearted song, suiting his vocal tone perfectly and it totally melts one when he sings with much passion and love. This is my favorite song so far in the album, if you can’t tell yet!

3. 그대뿐인지 (All But You)

Yesung’s voice is exceptionally deeper in this song but he sang slightly softer, perhaps for the effect of making one feel exclusive and that Yesung is singing to them. Moreover, it brings out the deeper emotions that Yesung had been probably hiding all this while.

4. Fly (번지점프)

I was surprised to hear a slightly fast-paced song playing but nonetheless, it was considered a break from the three ballad songs before. While listening to this song, I was impressed as Yesung belted out various high notes and singing with so much passion that I could feel it from a recording studio in Korea. This is a great song to jam to, probably a perfect song to sing when you’re feeling stress and you wish to ‘fly’.

5. 그때로 (At the Time) (Feat. 규현)

I was particularly looking forward to this song as it featured fellow member, Kyuhyun. When I first listened, I was totally amazed and immediately grooved to the music. His honey-liked voice did the trick again and I was falling hard for this song. Nearing to the end, Kyuhyun’s strong voice took over Yesung’s and harmonized perfectly and the song sounded amazing. I admire the brotherhood between the SJ members as they would help each other in everything, from featuring songs to supporting fellow members’ solos on their respective social media accounts. Perhaps, that is how they have managed to stay together as one for 12 years.

6. 비눗방울 (So Close Yet So Far)

With the piano as his instrument support, Yesung had managed to captivate my attention as he sings sorrowfully and with passion. This song was a rather calming song to listen so I suggest that when you’re feeling down or tired, you may want to consider listening to this song for some refreshment! Also, it was also revealed that Yesung had written this song on his own, along with ‘At The Time’. Kudos for his efforts!

While reviewing Yesung’s album, I felt that I may have been a little too biased but #truth is that he sings extremely well and that he is one of the more powerful vocalists in the industry. I believe that if Yesung had tried to go for a dance type of song, it would have been more interesting but I feel that he is more comfortable in singing ballads because that is the area where he manages to pull off his infamous vocals.

Review overview
Summary Super Junior Yesung is back with his second solo album! He has definitely improved from his first album, with greater songs to jam to on a daily basis. While I was practically loving every song in his album, I feel that Yesung could offer more in terms of including a different variations of genres instead of sticking to his signature ballad songs.

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