Album Review : Super Junior – PLAY

Release Date: November 6, 2017


  1. Black Suit
  2. Scene Stealer (Originally Party Over Here)
  3. One More Chance (비처럼 가지 마요)
  4. Good Day for a Good Day
  5. Runaway
  6. The Lucky Ones
  7. Girlfriend (예뻐 보여)
  8. Spin Up
  9. Too Late (시간 차)
  10. I do (두 번째 고백)

Total Runtime: 00:36:36

Recommended for: Elfs, those who like old school music and those who are looking for new but refreshing music

NOT Recommended for: Antis, those who dislike bright and cheery songs

Play is Super Junior 8th Studio Album, with Black Suit as its title and One More Chance as its pre-released single. This album is released 2 years after Super Junior 10th Anniversary Album ‘Devil’, with members Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae participating in this album. Vocals belonging to Kyuhyun and Siwon can be heard on this album, though the former is fulfilling his mandatory service while the latter is sitting out public appearances for the album due to being embroiled in controversy.

P/s : Hold your horses, ladies & gentlemen. I apologize for the lateness of this review, well not because I finally settled the tussle choosing between jjampong or jjangmyeon but (holds breath) because of conflicting real life matters. (releases deep breath) Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy reading this review as I undergo a roller coaster of emotions.

Track Review

Track 1: Black Suit

This is one of the best song released this year as well in Super Junior’s discography. In SJ Returns, the members had informed the A&R (Artists & Repertoire) team beforehand that they wish to have a trendy song as their title and of course, the A&R team did their best to fulfill their request. This song certainly didn’t disappoint, with the addictive melody that make up the song. The ‘knife’ choreography is one of the coolest choreography I’ve seen and it is one of the key highlights of the song. This is also easier for fans and the public to recognize this particular choreography. Also, I would like to highlight Eunhyuk’s honey-like voice which sounded extremely soothing and beautiful. After years of constant rapping, Eunhyuk has more proper lines and given this, his voice easily stands out from the rest. There were several snippets of this song through SJ Returns and listening to it in full is really satisfying and good.

The music video may be a little confusing at first look but watching it a few more times helps a lot, especially when you pay attention and analyse the minor details.

Track 2:  Scene Stealer (Originally : Party Over Here)

The reason why ‘Party Over Here’ was changed to ‘Scene Stealer’ was simply because when a representative of the A&R team (I presume) approached fellow member Eunhyuk to write the rap lyrics for ‘Party Over Here’, the rap lyrics Eunhyuk came up with did not flow with the rest of the lyrics. Thus, Eunhyuk decided to rewrite the entire song by himself (warning : there are as much of english words as korean words) and the title naturally changed to ‘Scene Stealer’ to fit the lyrics of the song.

Scene Stealer is a funky and rather sensual song. The lyrics are basically about the boys being a ‘scene stealer’, being in center of attention and enjoying themselves in the limelight.

Scene Stealer is one of my least liked songs in the entire album, I tried my best to give it a few more listens but I find myself skipping in the middle of it or zoning out. Perhaps the nature of the song is not my style or the overly auto tuned opening of the song made me furrow my eyebrows and not listen to it.

Track 3: One More Chance/Don’t Leave By The Rain (비처럼 가지 마요)

I’ve already reviewed it before, you can find it here.

Track 4: Good Day for a Good Day

This song is about having a good day, an ideal song for one to unwind and relax. The lyrics strangely do makes me want to relax, picturing myself with a glass of champagne and dancing without any restrictions. So, it’s definitely a good day.

Track 5: Runaway

Similar to ‘Good Day for a Good Day’, this song is about having fun (without any burdens) while being with a girl you like. Runaway in this song is to relax and sort of run away from responsibilities. A fun and excited tune which makes me bob my head excitedly.

Track 6: The Lucky Ones

One of my favorite tracks in this album, it is really addictive especially the ‘ppyong ppyong ppyong’ part, which Eunhyuk had specifically pointed out. The members’ vocals are probably the best here, with clear and distinctive voices. It is a rather sweet song, signifying that the boys (SJ) would give in for the girl they like because ‘it feels like (they) have the world’ and they consider themselves to be ‘lucky’ to be with the girl they like.

Track 7: Girlfriend (예뻐 보여)

This song is a rather cheesy but good song, as the lyrics mentioned about the boy’s feelings towards a girl they are interested in as they ponder over the girl’s mind, whether they share feelings. Titled ‘Girlfriend’, I suppose this is supposedly the feelings and experiences one get when they feel they are in love with someone and are ready to label themselves as ‘girlfriend’ and ‘boyfriend’ respectively. I am rather elated that Kyuhyun participated in this song because he contributed to the cheesiness of the song (kidding!) but the way he leads in this song with Yesung is truly a blessing.

Track 8: Spin Up!

An excellent song to unwind, along with ‘Good Day for a Good Day’ but if you’re feeling rushed and excited, this song might be a more suitable song to hear. I found that there are quite a few songs that carry a slightly similar message but nonetheless, they are good in terms of being able to choose a song that suits the mood or atmosphere.

Track 9: Too Late (시간 차)

Kyuhyun took part in this song and as expected, he snagged almost the entire verse by himself. It’s not entirely a bad thing, because he only participated in two songs, ‘I Do’ and ‘Girlfriend’ and honestly speaking, I miss his voice a lot. I wished Ryeowook participated in this song as well but because he enlisted a year earlier than Kyuhyun, it was nearly impossible for him to participate in the recording of the song. Anyway, this song is about the guys (SJ) feeling too late after missing a chance to be with the girl they like. A really nice song that makes me feel pitiful for the boys but a good song to listen to if you’re feeling slightly melancholy. (P/s: Well boys, it’s never too late if you start working from now!)

Track 10: I Do (두 번째 고백)

This song is said to be the part 2 of Marry U, which was released in 2007. The theme of Marry U, involves a sweet proposal and a confession of love, with repeating imagery of a bride and groom walking towards the moons and stars. The lyrics support long-lasting love and describes that although growing older, the love will never leave. While ‘I Do’ is seemingly an answer to ‘Marry U’, many of my friends have grown a liking to this song, commenting that this song is indeed special to the fans of Super Junior.

In conclusion, I am rather satisfied with this album but ‘This is Love’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’ Albums are far more impressive for me. Label SJ has released another news, a supposed third album to the collection of ‘Black Suit’ and ‘One More Chance’ versions, which is called ‘Pause’ and it includes one more song (KRY, yay) to the current list of songs. I’m rather curious but excited as it has been awhile that I’ve heard from Super Junior KRY and I hope it will be good.


Review overview
Summary Super Junior is finally back with their 8th studio album, PLAY. Be sure to check out their album before it's too late!

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