Album Review: Taeyeon – This Christmas – Winter is Coming

Release Date: December 12, 2017


  1. The Magic of Christmas Time
  2. This Christmas
  3. Let It Snow
  4. Candy Cane
  5. Christmas Without You
  6. 쉿 (Shhhh)
  7. 겨울나무 (I’m All Ears)
  8. This Christmas (Instrumental Ver.)

Total Runtime: 0:30:00

Recommended for: Those looking for original holiday music, or people just trying to get into the holiday spirit.

NOT Recommended for: People annoyed by Christmas music, or those looking for a high-energy pop album.

It’s been a busy year for SNSD’s Taeyeon; her first full album, My Voice, was released back in March, with a deluxe version following in April. She held her Asia concert tour Persona in May and June. And in August, she celebrated her 10th anniversary with SNSD through the release of the group’s sixth full album, Holiday Night.

Now Taeyeon is back to wrap up the year with a special Christmas album entitled, This Christmas – Winter is Coming. Featuring seven new tracks and one instrumental, Taeyeon gives Christmas a twist with all original songs just in time for the holidays.

Track 1 – The Magic of Christmas Time

The warmth of Christmas time seeps from every note in Taeyeon’s English track, The Magic of Christmas Time. It’s the kind of song you listen to while cozying up to a crackling fire and drinking hot coco on a cold winter night. It’s delightfully full of that classic Christmas sound many know and love, but most of all, it sets a gorgeous stage for the rest of album.

Track 2 – This Christmas

While Taeyeon’s vocal abilities extend to many different genres, anyone into K-pop knows that Taeyeon’s talents are showcased best through ballads. Her emotional, powerful singing moves an audience and sounds ethereal dancing over a piano, and this song is no exception. This Christmas is a song that reflects upon the nostalgia of a Christmas shared with a past love. It’s a track that has gentle power to it; there are moments in which it’s calm and comforting, and other’s where it’s dramatic and heart-breaking. It’s a perfectly balanced ballad, and one that you’ll be sure to play for many Christmases to come.

Track 3 – Let It Snow

Despite the familiar title, Taeyeon’s Let It Snow is something all it’s own. This jazzy track shows off Taeyeon’s lovely alto voice, with support from a delightful upright bass and brassy back-up; making it the best up-beat track on this album. 

Track 4 – Candy Cane

It starts with classic Christmas jingle bells and only gets better from there. A song about a lover’s affection being “sweeter than a candy cane,” Candy Cane is the perfect track for someone who loves pop-influenced Christmas songs. Bright, happy and fun, you can certainly enjoy wrapping gifts and decorating your tree to this festive track.

Track 5 – Christmas Without You

A ballad with a slight 80’s vibe, Christmas Without You describes the loneliness that can sometimes accompany the holiday season. If a piano driven ballad like This Christmas isn’t really your style, Christmas Without You might satisfy your Christmas ballad cravings.

Track 6 – 쉿 (Shhhh)

Have you ever listened to an album and been totally stunned when you hear a song for the first time because it came out of absolutely nowhere? That’s the kind of feeling you get when listening to Shhhh. Think of Shhhh as Taeyeon’s version of Santa Baby; its got that husky, sexy voice singing lyrics that contain obvious seduction and double entendres all over the place. Nevertheless, this song is awesome. It’s slow, it’s jazzy, and it’s by far the most replay worthy track on this album.

Track 7 – 겨울나무 (I’m All Ears)

Wrapping up the album beautifully is the gentle track I’m All Ears. With lyrics that describe a person supporting another in pain, Taeyeon’s voice is incredibly comforting against the slow piano and light drum beat. It’s less of a Christmas track and more so one that just happens to fit the winter season perfectly.  If you’re looking for a track you can listen to beyond December 25th, I’m All Ears is the song for you.

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Summary Taeyeon accompanies the 2017 holiday season with seven beautiful Christmas tracks about everything from love, to fun, to heartbreak.
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