Album Review: TWICE The Story Begins

What a coincidence for this album to be called the Story Begins and it’s my first article! The Story has also begun for me. Hey! I’m Haru. A new blogger on the OneHallyu blog. I’m an eager writer and ready to bring my articles to the community. Enjoy! Now, without further ado, I bring you my review! (Unintentional rhyming is always great)

TWICE: The Story Begins

After their survival show SIXTEEN occurring from the start of May this year, the new and loveable JYP girl group TWICE have debuted!

Track List:

  1. Like Ooh-Ahh
  2. Do It Again
  3. I Think I’m Crazy
  4. Truth
  5. Candy Boy
  6. Like a Fool

The story now truly begins for JYP’s new girl group, TWICE. With an impressive debut song and awesome b-sides, you should definitely check it out. 3 of their songs, Do it Again, I Think I’m Crazy and Truth actually were performed on the survival show.

Welcome to the beginning to the story of TWICE, with their official debut!

Before I get started, listen to the album yourself!

Read on for in depth reviews on the songs themselves.


The title track. Like Ooh-Ahh is a cute song from the start, with a flute being played in the background of the quiet beat. The singing commences, but around 30 seconds in, the song switches up. From an adorable and sweet sound to a bold beat and vocal tone. The tune starts to pick up and the vocalists are unleashed. The song is then mashed up into what seems like a very different style in the chorus, it gets even bolder and the instrumentals get a boost making you want to get up and dance! The song is solid and a great debut, something that’s bright and an incredible pop feeling. 5/5



A song with almost an R&B feel to it, with an awesome modern twist. Do It Again will have you bopping your head any time you listen to it. With great vocals to start the song off and a beat that will be stuck in your head and you’ll find yourself singing along to the catchy chorus throughout your day. Do It Again mashes sweet vocals and fierce raps into one which made it one of my favourite songs off of the album. I had previously listened to it on SIXTEEN but I prefer how they distributed the lines out in this version. 5/5


A sweet tone at the beginning that sets off the mood of the song. I found myself swaying my head a long to the vocals and beat. I Think I’m Crazy is smooth and another R&B based song. The chorus with all 9 of them singing definitely adds power and the rap tops it off to make it a great song. The rap fits into the tone perfectly and the powerful vocals at the end that follow truly ended the song well. 4/5


Truth holds a retro feel at the very beginning with the opening vocals, but throughout the verses, more of a hip-hop feel. Both genres mash into each other very well. The tune takes another turn at the chorus with the lead vocals stepping up and slowing down the tone to a pop vibe. Overall, the song was nice and hooked my attention. 4.5/5


Candy Boy is pretty different to other songs, but it’s much more similar to the title track. It has a pop feel and a marching band beat which is an awesome choice because it lifts the song up and brings it up to one of my favourite b-sides overall kpop wise. The raps aren’t as well written as they could’ve been, with other songs displaying how the raps should’ve been handled as I think the other b-sides showcased the main rappers’ talent more. 4/5


Like A Fool is a soothing ballad and a soft tune to an acoustic guitar and harmonica. The song is smooth and they have some awesome vocals. Their soft vocals were a different tune at the start, but with the lead vocalist taking a strong turn in the chorus really lifting the song up. The song was a great finisher for the album and really left it on a good note. 5/5

The album is fresh in terms of girl groups nowadays, with the average cutesy or totally sexy concepts really dragging the rest of them out. Twice have a mix genre which really brings them to one of my top bias groups, they don’t display one boring concept and their debut album will really help them stand out. Twice hwaiting!

Haru ☆
Maknae of the bloggers; passionate WJSN & Twice stan.

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