Album Review: VIXX LR – Whisper

Date Released: August 28, 2017


  1. Whisper
  2. Beautiful Night
  3. Feeling
  4. Chocolatier
  5. Today
  6. Whisper (Inst.)

Total Runtime: 00:20:40

Recommended for: Starlights (VIXX Fans), people into hip-hop but at the same time chill and refreshing music.

Not recommended for: People into cutesy and pop idol-like music.

After making their début in 2015, VIXX LR are back with their 2nd mini album, Whisper! Showing a change in concept, VIXX LR are yet to disappoint their fans. Known as VIXX’s producer unit, we can feel a personal touch from Leo and Ravi with the music of LR. Let’s take a listen to their new songs and figure out if the wait is worth it.

Track 1: Whisper (Title)

If you expected VIXX LR to come back with a song like their début song, “Beautiful Liar”, then sorry mate because that is not what you will be getting. The feel and genre might be different but the quality doesn’t disappoint. “Whisper” is the title track for the promotions. It is a song juggling in between hip-hop and r&b. Compared to “Beautiful Liar”, “Whisper” is easier to listen to. The song itself is very chill and relaxing. Leo’s vocals in this song is very calming and smooth, he also does a lot of falsetto, in which I think his voice is beautiful and fitting. Ravi’s BOMB as always. One can never get enough of the perfect recipe of VIXX LR.

The MV is more interesting than the song itself. It shows Leo and Ravi being complete opposites. With Leo being blue, and Ravi being red, they are shown being contrasting characters. Interpreting “Whisper” as Beautiful Liar’s sequel, we can conclude that they are the same person. Leo being the warmer and more vulnerable side, while Ravi is the fiercer and more mature side. However, there can also be another side to the story, and that it is Leo and Ravi being lovers. The MV is always up to the viewer’s interpretation anyway. My favorite part of the MV is probably when they did their couple dance, however it may have been difficult to dance during live performances that’s why they passed that part. Hopefully, LR will perform it in special events or release a special video with them dancing to that version.

All in all, it may have been a bit bland at first, it is really addicting. “Whisper” is a very sick song and VIXX LR successfully ventured to a new side of them yet again.

Track 2: Beautiful Night

In 2015 there was “Beautiful Liar” and now in 2017, there is “Beautiful Night”. “Beautiful Night” is a tropical house with a little bit of VIXX-esque elements. I think we can now say that “VIXX” itself is already a genre, right? With the uprising of trop music in K-Pop, it will be hard to make something stand out, however “Beautiful Night” managed to do it for me. It’s trop but not a summer type of song but is somehow dark and subtly gothic. It’s not your usual pop song. Imagine Leo and Ravi being vampires when singing this, it’s totally fitting right? It’s an amazing song, but not title worthy.

Track 3: Feeling

The two songs earlier are leaning toward the darker and more mature side, however “Feeling” balances the album with its vibrant sound. “Feeling” is the most upbeat song in the album. It has a vintage/retro sound with elements of modern pop. It’s title worthy and I wouldn’t mind it taking the place of Whisper. “Feeling” is very refreshing and fun, a fitting song for the playful individuals such as Leo and Ravi.

Track 4: Chocolatier

IT’S NOT A VIXX ALBUM WITHOUT A SONG LIKE THIS. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS, BE HONEST Y’ALL. “Chocolatier” is a r&b track that screams “sexy” all over it. As the title suggests, it is a mature song with lyrics comparing the girl to a chocolate. Leo again is back with his beautiful falsetto, and Ravi spitting fire as usual. The hook of Ravi is specially catchy with lyrics: “Girl, you look so sweet…” and so on. I can also visualize this as the title track!

Track 5: Today

I suppose that VIXX LR believes in the saying: “save the best for the last”? “Today” is probably the most mature track in the album. It has a melancholic sound but at the same time uplifting and wholesome feel. Hearing the song for the first time, I automatically thought of an album from a fellow duo. It’s JJ Project’s Verse 2 mini album. “Today” totally fits the mood and concept of the said album. I’m quite triggered that this song ain’t getting much attention like the other tracks. It is a song that leaves you inspired and hopeful, like spreading your wings and fly. Especially the part saying: “I love myself”. By the end, there is a choir-esque version of the chorus, and that is extremely satisfying. One notable thing that surprised me and left me amazed, is Leo’s projection in the pre-chorus. His voice sounds very mature and fitting to the song. Good job, boys!

Review overview
Summary 2 years of waiting surely became worth it. You can always expect amazing music from VIXX and VIXX LR! The duo explored through different sides of them as artists, and as seen in this album, they can execute almost anything. It will probably be long 'til VIXX LR returns again, but Whisper as an album will be enough for the fans. Congrats boys for an amazing album!
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