Album Review: Weki Meki – Lucky

Release Date: February 21, 2018


  1. Lucky
  2. La La La
  3. Iron Boy
  4. Metronome
  5. Color Me
  6. Butterfly

Total Runtime: 00:18:30

Recommended for: Weki Meki fans…… just Weki Meki fans. Oh, and also people who are interested in old-school music and are willing to pretend the first two tracks never existed.

NOT recommended for: Those who want to have a good day ahead of them. Jokes. Well half joking, half not.

Fantagio’s newest girl group Weki Meki is back! Composed of former IOI members Yoojung and Doyeon, along with the other fresh faces of Elly, Lua, Sei, Lucy, Sooyeon, and Rina, the MAMA 2017 Rookie of the Year nominee just released their 2nd mini album “Lucky”. Their debut, lackluster debut to be exact, gained a whopping 1 star in its review here on OH! Blog, probably the worst rating I have ever seen. Let’s see if the 8 girls of Weki Meki will prove themselves this time around.

Track Review:

Track 1 – Lucky

Is Lucky an intro track? Or is this an actual track? What is this? Can someone orient me in the comments section? I would appreciate it. But what I would appreciate more is if there is no cringey “rap” in the beginning and if it was a pure dedicated intro track with subtle incorporations of rap.

Track 2 – La La La (Title)

First of all, at the exact current time I’m writing this post, the MV earned a million views. Congrats Weki Meki!

I’m afraid that’s the only positive thing I can say though. Just joking. For real this time. Before we go to the less than numerous positive points of “La La La”, let us first dissect the negative points of the song. The song is very reminiscent of their debut song “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”… and I wouldn’t say that it’s a good thing.

The song starts off quite smoothly and I really like Doyeon’s parts during the intro, but as the song progressed, specifically starting at Sooyeon’s lines, everything went all over the place. Yoojung’s rap (if that’s what you call it) proves my point with the very abrupt and unflattering change in the percussion. I’m not particularly a hater nor a fan of this type of a choruses, but I don’t like how the chorus was basically a continuation of the bass-influenced sound that was present during the verses and pre-chorus. Had it not been for the subtle “awww” after Sei’s part, one wouldn’t recognize it as a chorus. In my opinion, it sounds good from the start up until the first pre-chorus even with its flaws. However, the ensuing instrumental sounded VERY repetitive and unbearable to listen to. I think it’s a waste because the song has its fair amount of good points. It doesn’t help that it’s undeniably repetitive at some certain parts.

In a song, there are two important variables. 1) The independent variable – a good song. 2) The dependent variable – good vocals. A song can survive even without superb vocalists if the song itself is good. A song cannot survive with just good vocals if the song itself is bad. Sadly, that’s the case with “La La La”. Its almost saving grace is the quality of the vocalists. Some of the members who are literally unnoticeable in their debut song really stood out this time because of their vocals. Their main vocalist, Sooyeon, did a very great job. Her voice is really beautiful to begin with.

It’s also worth mentioning that “La La La” sounds so much like “Lucky” that if you listen to the songs consecutively, you will barely notice the song has changed. Up to you if that’s a good thing or not.

Track 3 – Iron Boy

“Iron Boy” is a retro dance track that I particularly liked for its old-school vibe as well as a mature sound that differs from their title tracks‘ funky sound. Also, the rap was worth commending. Yoojung, Lua, and Lucy did well in the rap even though it was just for few seconds.

Track 4 – Metronome

Only 5 seconds into the song and I can already say this will be the best song in the album. Continue reading the whole review to check if I end up changing my mind.

“Metronome” is a different approach but still keeping their “future girls” (or something like that) concept. I actually like it, no, I love it. “Metronome” has some electronic elements that gives the song a futuristic vibe. Ironic how it gives a futuristic and old-school vibe at the same time. The placement of bass in some parts is unconventional but it worked.  Both the vocals and rapping here are on point. Disappointment with “Lucky” and “La La La” aside, this will probably raise the average of the album itself.

Track 5 – Color Me

“Color Me” gives a retro feel from start to end. You can imagine the girls singing this with neon-colored clothes and bell bottom pants. As a fan of Wonder Girls’ and T-Ara’s music, I like “Color Me”. It also has some WJSN-esque “cosmic” elements/synths placed in the instrumental. The verse and chorus complemented each other very well and the chorus is particularly remarkable. “Color Me” is a groovy track that I think is good for a rookie girl group release.

Track 6 – Butterfly

As a special song for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics, Weki Meki released Butterfly months ago and included it in this album. Like Metronome and Color Me, it contains old-school elements which make it clear on what the genre of the whole album is. Unlike the other songs, “Butterfly” is more toned-down and contains a very light and hopeful feeling. It is the closest in the album to a ballad and is probably their most lighthearted track to date. I enjoyed this song, especially the vocals. Sooyeon is a main vocalist to look out for!


Review overview
Summary I don't know if it's just me being nicer than Rinne (who wrote the first review) or it's because the album was pretty good. But to be fair, "Lucky" is a step up from their debut EP musical quality-wise. All the B-sides were quite good and are enjoyable. The only problem is the intro & title track that are both repetitive and breaks the consistency of a potentially solid old-school album.
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