Album Review: Weki Meki – WEME

Release Date: August 8, 2017


  1. I don’t like your Girlfriend
  2. Stay with Me
  3. 너란 사람 (iTeen Girls Special)
  4. Neverland
  5. My World
  6. Fantastic

Total Runtime: 00:21:01

Recommended for: Weki Meki fans, Fantagio followers, I.O.I members’ supremacists, and that’s just about it I guess.

NOT recommended for: Those who are suffering from anxiety disorder like myself.

Fantagio Entertainment’s finally debuted i-Teen Girls as Weki Meki with a mini album WEME! The group consists of two known members of the now-defunct girl group I.O.I, Choi Yoo Jung and Kim Do Yeon, as well as fresh faces Elly, Lua, Lucy, Rina, Sei, and Su Yeon. The extended play has six (6) new tracks including title track “I don’t like your Girlfriend”.

Track Review:

Track 1 – I don’t like your Girlfriend

Where should I begin? Everything about this song is genuinely very chaotic and all over the place. So instead of whining I’ll break the impossible down and discuss about it on two different fronts, the good and the bad. We’ll start with the good first because there’s not enough of it to end this track review, on a positive note. Judging from the beat in the first few seconds, it seemed like a promising start. Right from the beginning, we are greeted with a rather peculiar début track for a girl group. Supposedly a good thing based on the common notions of the K-Pop community towards originality and uniqueness ay? Well. My anticipation decreased as time went on. Once the lacklustre rap parts ended, continued with a short pre-chorus, here comes the mother of all messes in this track. The chorus. And everything else afterwards is simply its aftermath. The odd arrangement and convoluted vocal placement as well as its disjointed accompaniment made this track wholly unbearable to my ears. This track is confusing, messy, and poorly executed in almost every aspect. If you read the lyrics, which in my opinion are childish and tacky, maybe you would come to an understanding on why the producers decided to compose the song this way. Either way, “I don’t like your Girlfriend” is a nightmare début title track for Weki Meki and it is very disappointing because the group is very promising and talented. Regardless, the boyfriend might be delighted that they don’t like his girlfriend after listening to this song.


Track 2 – Stay with Me

“Stay with Me” is a mid-tempo pop track. Pretty fitting for the summer thanks to its uplifting beat from start to finish. Nothing special though because Stay with Me feels so much like a filler track. In other words, it’s formulaic and is included in this extended play just for the sake of having a longer tracklist. But I am still going to add this song to my sunbathing playlist.


Track 3 – 너란 사람 (iTeen Girls Special)

Ballad? Am I hearing a ballad song? Nah. “Pretty Boy” is rather just another mid-tempo pop track. It feels bright and joyful. Maybe cute and sweet too. I want to enjoy listening to this song but at the same time it does not have that extra pull to keep me bopping. Forgettable but not terrible. Especially if you are an ardent girl group fan, Pretty Boy is a paint-by-number track.


Track 4 – Neverland

Again, more generic track for us to listen to. Honestly there’s not much for me to describe here. “Neverland” is almost identical to the previous two tracks except with different compositions. At this point, I am already way beyond disappointed. At least, the members sang it nicely. I find that their vocals are easy on the ears.


Track 5 – My World

Personally, “My World” is the best track in this album not just because it is a ballad number but also how its simplicity works wonders to calm my anxiety amidst all the overproduced tracks. Throughout this album, the members’ vocals are WEME’s saving grace. Apart from their beautiful faces and stylings of course. I do enjoy listening to My World but unfortunately it lacks detail and is not good enough to be added to my ballad playlist.


Track 6 – Fantastic

Oh dear god not again. Alright so, “Fantastic” is a perfect example of an experimental track going absolutely wrong. It’s a dance track influenced by the ’80s/’90s retro craze with Fantagio’s added flavor. Nonetheless, it sucks so bad and does not deserve my effort in putting more of a description thus me ending it here prematurely. Sigh.




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