Album Review: Winner – Fate Number For

Release Date: April 4, 2017


  1. Really Really
  2. Fool

Total Runtime: 0:07:05

Recommended for: Anyone who enjoys distinct, standout beats that stick in your head, or just really appreciates the impressive production found in YG Entertainment tracks.

NOT recommended for: Anyone preferring the typical “k-pop” sound or just isn’t into the deep house trend.

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Winner.

The once five, now four member boy group after the departure of main vocal Nam Taehyun in November is finally back after a year and two months with two new singles; “Really Really” and “Fool.”

Released on the single album “Fate Number For” on April 4, Winner delivers two tracks with lyrics and composition driven by members Seungyoon, Seunghoon, and Mino. Two tracks, in which, may arguably be Winner’s strongest yet.

Track Review:

Track 1 – Really Really

Starting off the album with a bang, “Really Really” is by far Winner’s most upbeat title track ever released. “Really Really” shows audiences a side of Winner they may not have seen before; one with more pounding energy and dance-inducing rhythms. Just in time for summer, “Really Really” has an almost tropical feel, channeling that deep house sound that’s become popular in the k-pop industry nowadays. Nevertheless, it’s a track that gets addictive after a few plays, and one that will be a particularly exciting spectacle to see live. With the majority of Winner’s past title tracks being more vocal/rap focused, we haven’t gotten many opportunities to see Winner’s dance skills shine outside of “WIN.” But if the music video is any indication of the performances we’ll be seeing on music shows, there’s no doubt Winner will definitely be showing some dancing prowess to their eager fans.

Track 2 –  Fool

Harping back to Winner’s debut days, “Fool” provides fans with that very familiar raw, poetic, Winner sound. It’s mid-tempo, synth brass beat under leader Seungyoon’s emotional crooning of the lyrics “I was a fool” makes for a powerful track that has become a shining star among Winner’s other slower songs. Making the song stand out even more is the vocal contributions of rappers Seunghoon and Mino. With Seunghoon and Jinwoo’s gentle melodies and Seungyoon and Mino’s deeper, more rough tones, Winner creates a perfect blend of voices that is sure to surprise casual fans of the group who may not have known that Winner’s rappers can certainly sing a tune.

Review overview
Summary While “Fate Number Four” is a measly seven minutes long, it contains some of Winner’s best tracks to date, and shows the stylistic diversity that Winner provides with every release. Winner certainly aren’t the group to shy away from experimentation, and no k-pop fan should miss out on taking a listen.
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