Album Review: WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – HAPPY MOMENT

Release Date: June 07, 2017


  1. HAPPY
  2. 기적 같은 아이 (Miracle)
  3. Mr. BADBOY
  4. Sugar
  5. Babyface
  6. 퐁당퐁당 (Plop Plop)
  7. Follow Me
  8. B.B.B.Boo
  9. Geeminy
  10. 지금 만나러 가요 (Closer to you)

Total Runtime: 00:34:29

Recommended for: Holy Cosmic Bible believers.

NOT recommended for: Blasphemous persons.

Space Jam girls from Starship Entertainment, Cosmic Girls or more commonly known as WJSN (Wu Ju So Nyeo) is back with their first full-length album! Throughout the eras, the girls have told us of their first love in MoMoMo and shared a story of unrequited love in Secret. Later on, they found their destined love in I Wish and finally, they wanted to share the happiness of falling in love with HAPPY. We are truly blessed and don’t deserve these angels~

Track Review:

Track 1 – HAPPY

Made by Black Eyed Peas Pilsung, whose sole existence is to spread happiness and joy and most of the time always left listeners with mixed opinions of the songs that he made. This time, he worked with WJSN instead of TWICE (Park Jin Young wanted to try his hands on JYP’s flagship group instead of opting for Black Eyed Pilsung who is the usual choice) . Right from the start, you can tell it is a Black Eyed Pilsung song. HAPPY is a fast tempo track, coated with catchy electro-synth beat and accompanied with light beat and snares, and the usual stuffs like keyboard and synth scratch. HAPPY shares the same components as I.O.I’s Very Very Very, bar the compositions. Unpopular opinion but I love this song. This is what WJSN is all about. Catchy and hooks, that’s Cosmic Girls for you. HAPPY hooked me right away with its catchiness, albeit there’s not much of ‘WJSN’ in it (their music style). I always have low expectations because hype is what killed supposedly good stuffs. That being said *cough*, HAPPY is a very fitting title track for this comeback until..

Track 2 – 기적 같은 아이 (Miracle)

..a Miracle happened. This song in my opinion is better off as a title track compared to HAPPY because it give listeners with a quick reminiscence to WJSN’s unique music style. HAPPY has tidbits of WJSN’s distinctive sound, but it was sadly overwhelmed by Black Eyed Pilsung’s authentic composition. 10 seconds in and you will quickly be brought back to life in 60’s and 70’s  of funk and retro. Nothing will ever go wrong with going retro, trust me, and K-Pop has a history of rehashing retro at a point where it should be called K-Retro instead. All in all, Miracle is a great song. Ten out of ten would hit the replay button.

Track 3 – Mr. BADBOY

Starting from this track, I’ll describe each song briefly while categorizing them as either a b-side or a filler track. So where should we put Mr. BADBOY? Easy. It’s a legit b-side. The song is good, reminds me of their début era. Bright and funky but flat and repetitive.

Track 4 – Sugar

Sugar stands right on the fence, of being a b-side or a filler track. But after a few more listens, I can safely say that Sugar is a filler track. The song is sweet and warm, that’s the kind of feeling that I get while listening to it for the first 6 seconds and as for the rest of it, I was annoyed all the way.

Track 5 – Babyface

Now this is a song, and calling it a b-side might be a little offensive. The beat is just so sick, man. A retro song done right! The composition is very simple yet addictive. Although Babyface can be a bit tedious to listen to, it’s fresh and groovy enough for encouraging and motivating us to engage in healthy lifestyle activities.

Track 6 – 퐁당퐁당 (Plop Plop)

This album just keeps on giving. Just when they provide you with a bop called Babyface, they dropped Plop Plop next. And what on earth is a plop plop? Other than being a generic filler track, Plop Plop plopped me down on my chair as I listened to its rap parts.

Track 7 – Follow Me

The intro for Follow Me is very promising, with a glimmer of early 2000’s nu-metal but done softly and subtly. And of course, I expect no less from K-Pop as the song fall short right away. Nothing special here, just simply a filler track.

Track 8 – B.B.B.Boo

Best song title of 2017, Plop Plop is a close second. Another filler track for us to listen to. Although, if you are listening to B.B.B.Boo with a good headphone, the beat is somewhat nice. That B.B.B.Boo Baby Baby Boo part is quite catchy too.

Track 9 – Geeminy

If you blindly listen to this song without knowing its title, you most probably going to say it is either Germany or Jiminnie, not sure about it but if it’s Germany this song should be their new national anthem. The song title is actually Geeminy. Anyways, we’re not going to talk about that. We’re going to talk about this song. Sadly, there’s nothing much to talk about Geeminy. It is a completely typical filler track that you can find in K-Pop’s abundant generic songs collection. Until EXY started to spit fire with her rap, then the fire quickly extinguished by its annoying chorus and verses. Sigh. Every single time.

Track 10 – 지금 만나러 가요 (Closer to you)

At first, Closer to You is a definite filler track for me. But like usual, after a few listens, that was just harsh. It’s a nice b-side, kind of bland and forgettable but a very fitting ending for HAPPY MOMENT. Now our rough journey has come to an end. Phew!



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