Album Review: Wonder Girls Why So Lonely

Release Date: 2016.07.05

Track List: 

  1. Why So Lonely *Title
  2. 아름다운 그대에게[To the Beautiful You]
  3. Sweet & Easy

Total Runtime: 00:10:04

Recommended For: Wonderfuls, Smooth pop admirers, Dance junkies

Not Recommended For: Ballad addicts, Hip-Hop lovers

The lovely and ridiculously talented ladies of the Wonder Girls supernova their way into the heated summer season with their newest single album releaseStaying true to their edgy band concept, Wonder Girls take us deprived fans on a psychedelic trip with three new ear-worming tracks including their first self-composed title track Why So lonely.

So dust down your best pair of vintage sunshades because we’re kicking it 70’s style.


1: Why So Lonely

WG’s eloquently showcase their mature and sexy feminine charms in this reggae-inspired track, which they co-wrote and co-composed cohesively as a group. The very second it begins, us listeners are inevitably coaxed into an echoing tempo that retains its velvety consistency throughout the entirety of the song. The lyrics apprise of the agonizing loneliness a love-struck girl encounters when her significant other fails to reciprocate the same type of intensity she does in their relationship. The colorfully tasteful MV further highlights the song’s message as each member take turns projecting their hellish, passive aggressive frustrations out on a life-sized Ken doll by torturing the poor thing in several hilarious ways.

The overall feel of this song is like milk chocolate melting sweetly on your tongue; you can’t help but savor its rich taste. Yeah, this was an instant hit for me. A single listen had me completely addicted. The MV’s visuals was an added bonus to the honey pot since all four girls looked mouth-wateringly exquisite. Yow. 



2:아름다운 그대에게[To the Beautiful You]

If there ever happened to be a time where you fret over which song would be the most ideal for a long and relaxing ride on the country side, this song would be the unanimous solution to your dilemma. Once the fluttering melody your ears, it’s difficult to fight off the euphoric sensation that gradually induces you to take a load off and just bask in the essence of life. To The Beautiful You, is basically about the wonderment and uncertainty of falling in love for the very first time. The girls beautifully harmonize together in the chorus, compelling the listener to sweetly sing along with them note for note. The upbeat rap bit from the combined efforts of members Yubin and Lim only enhanced the already tranquil tone. 

3: Sweet & Easy

The third and final track on this album plays just as smoothly as it’s titled, sweet and easy. A riveting and flavourful beat reels briefly at the start of the song that soon blends with the angelic vocals provided by Yenny. Sunmi then takes the reins by alluringly belting out the words “I just want to be with you.” I don’t know about anyone else, but that alone was stimulating enough to get me to click my phone into rest mode and listen to the rest without interruption. Lim drives the chorus by singing out the repeated lyrics of “My Love is sweet sweet sweet & easy”. Yubin dominates the breakdown with her charismatic rap which immediately became my favorite part of the song. *Biased alert.* This song’s lyrics could vaguely interpret about the union between two lovers wanting to give their all to each other. It’s a light-hearted and simple track that’s great to listen to any point of the day.


After prevailing through hardships such as the sudden departure of beloved members, SunYe and SoHee, Wonder Girl’s have already proven with their last full album comeback that hard work and dedication pays off in the end. This summer comeback is just the icing on the cake. I couldn’t be any more proud of my girls. They’ve improved immensely when it comes to their growth musically. They certainly deserve all the recognition and praise that will come their way as they continue to thrive with future releases.



Plug up or pop in your phone, ipod, mp3, CD, whatever. Just loop the hell out of it. 


 Peanut butter and jelly level cohesiveness. 


It’s the Wonder Girls’. No more needed to be said. 

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Summary Coming from a truly devoted Wonderful, I can honestly say even for a single release, the Wonder Girls once again prove they are one of the top contenders in Kpop.
It's too late for me. Save yourself.

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