How APRIL Hit a Turkey in 2017 K-Pop’s Discography

The six beautiful ladies of DSP Entertainment surely are going all out this year! I’m talking about the energetic and youthful girl group, April! After debuting in 2015, April continued to release quality songs complimented by the girls’ amazing vocal skills. Experiencing multiple member changes, April never ceased to continue and walk to the flower path. Their songs have always been outstanding, however their releases this year are even more superb than usual.

Y’all might be confused by the title and probably find it absurd. In bowling, a ‘turkey’ is when you hit three consecutive strikes, and now let’s see how April consecutively delivered three of K-Pop’s best songs this year in a row.


April Story

After welcoming new members Chaekyung and Rachel, April released their 1st mini album together called Prelude in January. The lead single for the album is called “April Story.” This era is a turning point in April’s career as they abandon the cutesy fairy concept for a much more mature and elegant one. “April Story” is a new sound for the group. The song begins with a classic instrumental that starts to gain a faster beat once the pre-verse starts. The verses are slow and might be subtly boring for thrill-seekers, but for me, it’s fine and perfect. However, you will only get the full grasp of April’s new concept once the chorus starts. It features a very elegant sound accompanied by the members’ enchanting vocals.

“April Story’s” lyrics are about an unrequited love, depicted through a fairy tale under a third person’s point of view. The MV also complements the lyrics as it shows a story of mannequins having feelings for their store’s owner. The choreography on the other hand, is way beyond phenomenal. The girls’ moves are very elegant and the dance has elements of ballet. Rachel, a ballet dancer, gained attention for her solo dance in the song’s instrumental break.

Personally, “April Story” is the best girl group lead single of 2017 and is still left undefeated. I have yet to hear a song much better than “April Story.”



April came back with the new lineup’s second comeback, Mayday. After releasing a completely outstanding song like “April Story,” there was much expectation for their new track and much to our pleasure, the girls did not disappoint. Although they did not come back with a song as elegant and classy as “April Story,” they made a remarkable concept switch with the retro and sassy “Mayday.” The song starts with an 8-bit arcade instrumental and a retro-pop sound. Thankfully, April seemed to have ditched the cutesy concept entirely, and became a group with a more mature sound.

“Mayday’s” lyrics are about a girl falling in love with someone, comparing her feelings to an emergency as she screams for help. The MV also is very appealing just like the song itself. The colors used as well as the settings were very aesthetic and beautiful. Adding more to the beauty are the gorgeous girls whose styling did justice to their visuals. The choreography on the other hand is very well done and fits the song – energetic and addicting!


Take My Hand

It wouldn’t be an April song without a sweet sound and powerful vocals *winks*. April takes it to an entirely new level with their newest release “Take My Hand.” A much more upbeat version of “April Story,” I must say, but it doesn’t live up to how good the latter was. The song’s winning element is the explosive instrumental. Honestly, the instrumental is crazy. It may resemble some other girl group sounds, but with an exceptional synth influenced rhythm. The downside of “Take My Hand” is the lack of “catchiness”. Unlike “April Story” and “Mayday,” “Take My Hand” is incomparable to how catchy the prior songs were. However, making up for this is the beautiful music video and of course, the girls’ amazing voices.

The MV is about the girls and their lack of confidence in making the first move. They hesitate at first but eventually set everything straight. The choreography, like “April Story,” is very classy and elegant. An impressive job, girls!

April surely are more than rising nowadays! I love Somin and Hyunjoo, however, April with their current lineup is the best April. With Jinsol and Chaewon’s powerful vocals, Yena and Rachel’s excellent dancing, and Naeun and Chaekyung’s ethereal visuals, April is more than the girl group you can wish for. I hope they continue the mature sound because with its commencement, they gained much more attention and an influx of fans. Anticipating April in the future!

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