Artist Spotlight: Aimer (エメ)

You may have never seen her face nor even know about her to begin with, but you may have stumbled upon her songs while watching your favourite animes such as Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, and most notably Fate series. So who is Aimer?

Aimer is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter known for her unique vocal tone and above all, her one-of-a-kind music style. Her artistic approach is by mashing up different expressive styles such as pop and rock, but are blended perfectly that you won’t notice the original genres. On top of that, all of her songs always have dissimilar vibes (to each other), as if each one of them is a theme song for an epic soap. All you’ve seen and all you’ve heard, is just simply Aimer.

I’ve decided to give her an honorable artist spotlight because I love her songs so much. Every single one of them is painted with efforts, genuinity, and quality. She wants people to recognize her for her songs. This is quite evident because she barely appears in any of her music videos moreos showing her face (she’s pretty, mind you). She started off as an indie artist, now going mainstream after signing for SME Records, albeit her music style remains intact. A true artist that is unfazed by world’s bewitching lusts.

As a homage to Aimer, instead of using this opportunity to talk about her biography and whatnot, I’d like to share her best representative works, and my personal faves with readers alike. I’m going to let her music do the bidding here. Enjoy!

*Note: Unfortunately I will only include songs that are available on her official Youtube channel, as a show of support despite having more great songs waiting to be explored in her huge stash.



First 25 seconds is deceptive. It gives a medieval European vibe only as an appetizer of what comes next, Aimer’s rocking the pop genre her own way. I started this recommendation with this album to show her career progress as a musician at its utter best. From here on, remember her unique music style and also her distinctive voice.

One of many songs that established her as one of Japan’s most talented pop rock musicians. Give it a good listen and it will hook you right away!



This song introduced me to Aimer, and I was so glad that I’ve watched Fate/Stay Night reboot. A great anime with a great opening song, what could go wrong really?

You know, Aimer can chill too instead of just head banging all alone. This track reaffirmed Aimer’s status as a pop singer because her rock songs may have confused many. To have guitar riffs in a song composition would not constitute a rock song.



Every song in her latest album Daydream is gold, and some could even go as far as being evergreen. That fast. Ninelie is one of those songs. This track features Chelly from EGOIST and to a maximum effect, it turned out well. They harmonized effortlessly while at the same time added extra vigor to an already powerful song.

Co-produced with Taka from ONE OK ROCK, who also lends his voice for this song, Insane Dream is a proper rock song that this current generation sorely needs.


And the songs that I’ve listed are just fractions of what Aimer is all about. There are more to be discovered and I’d recommend my readers to start with each  of the aforementioned albums before going beyond for best appreciating experience. She just utterly has too many good songs to be listed in one article and WordPress can’t handle that (nor your devices). Please leave a comment down below and share with us your favorite songs from Aimer!



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